Titanfall 2 Ion

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[WIP!](Updates only apply to the file linked in the Readme.txt!)

-Added Ion Prime

-Fixed textures
-Added ambient occlusion texture
-Improved normal map

-Added Lasercore (Replaces "Rock and Roll"-emote)

-Re-imported normal Ion with multiple LODs.
-Both titans are set up for <20k in the default scene.

-Added spliter rifle (or particle accelerator as it's called in the game files)
(Unfortunately I haven't been able to create an animation for holding it.)

-Added splitter rifle
-Added vortex shield

Ion from Titanfall 2.(Or Ajax as it's called in the game files.)
This took a while to get uploaded since I had ported Ion and Northstar into the same Unity project, which caused some issues... (as you can see in the second picture...)

Roch and Roll: Fire laser
Finger Gun: Show splitter rifle
Handopen: Show vortex shield

As always you will have to download the version with textures from the link in the Readme.txt file! (<--- Don't forget this step!)
WARNING: This avatars has >20k polygons which might cause Issues for some people. In order to use it in VrChat you'll need to modify the SDK.

If you have a solution to the normal map issues please let me know. My Discord is: Sync1211 #3819
If you're interested in how I got the textures and models from the game, check out the tutorial I followed: https://forum.facepunch.com/f/fbx/bskox/Tutorial-Titanfall-2-to-Source-WARNING-LONG-OP-LOTS-OF-IMAGES/1/

Titanfall 2 (c) Respawn Entertainment! I do not own any assets used to create this avatar!

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conceldor 1547335217 ago

i dont undertstand how to use it. what do i do with those 103 folders in the other download and why does the ion asset saymissing prefab

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Magnetide 1546173546 ago

Is it possible to convert those files back to obj, so I could 3d Print them

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sync1211 Author 1534755546 ago

@godzillaforce23 Nope. You will have to click "Build and publish" individually for every version you want to upload.

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godzillaforce23 1534729035 ago

hi... curious when we upload the avatar do we upload all 4 at once?

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sync1211 Author 1531658798 ago

Splitter rifle is now included but you currently can't hold it, since I didn't have time to create an animation for it.

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Delirious11 1528815456 ago

Splitter Rifle? Plz?

0 Reply
sync1211 Author 1526649163 ago

@udondon1478 I am working on a version similar to my other uploads, where all the LODs are included in the file but only one is activated at a time!

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udondon1478 1526639524 ago

This model has more than 20,000 polygons, so if possible, could you make the polygon 20,000 or less?

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sync1211 Author 1522416529 ago

@MinstMeat The northstar is not included in the asset file. I have uploaded the prime version of Northstar on my profile.

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poisonblade20 1522416023 ago

could it be possible to get legion?

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Delirious11 1522345194 ago

Laser core ready!

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