Kirito From GGO

Uploaded by manek 1522287550 ago


a pretty quick model that i prepared
it has one texture except for the sword so you can add the efects easily
lowered the number of bones in the coat an in the hair
overall a very well done model almost didn´t had t do anything
the sources of the sword and the model are:
although i did not get a very similar sword and i haven´t learned to use particles so i doesn´t look that good

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KodyCrimson 1586100023 ago

Is the texture supposed to be pink for the whole character? Also, I accidentally reported this, I thought it would let me mention the textures were completely pink, but I can't retract the report.

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TheUnknownM 1535083177 ago

If on the desktop version do shift+F1-F9.

One of these buttons does it, The sword isn't always on. :)

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Kane Victoria 1535066834 ago

hey im really new to all this is there any way to remove the sword?

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TechySquid 1528053042 ago

@rakurai did you ever finish the model if so where could i get that boy

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rakurai 1523578281 ago

I have the same model but I hated the laser sword which I am still working on which I am creating from scratch. though that said I have one with his pistol but won't upload until I can get the laser sword working

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manek Author 1522408367 ago

@miko123 closed hand or shift f2 on keyboard

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Miko123 1522394608 ago

How do i get sword?

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Cyberknite 1522304010 ago

I would be more "LOL" if there is a Maid outfit or the Wedding Gown version of him

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Cyberknite 1522303928 ago

great.. more trap.. and the Trappest of them all

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manek Author 1522300758 ago

@theunknownm the texture is from that color

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TheUnknownM 1522295799 ago

The sword is purple like missing texture.

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