HL2 Combine Soldier with AR-2

Uploaded by PonySaurus Rex 1522316928 ago


Combine Soldier from Half-Life 2 with its standard issue combine AR-2 pulse rifle, complete with firing effects and energy ball launcher.


~> For desktop users, you can access the triggers via the emote menu.

~> For VR users, you can access the triggers by doing the "rocknroll" hand gesture (fires the gun), "thumbsup" (deploys a stun baton on the left hand), "victory/peace" gesture (switches to your side-arm) and "handgun" (fires the energy ball launcher) *if you want to fire with your pistol out, simply do the "victory/peace" gesture on your left hand and the "rocknroll" gesture on your right hand at the same time.


~> Combine Soldier model & texture from Half-Life 2 by Valve

~> AR-2 pulse rifle model & texture from Half-Life 2 by valve, custom world model by: https://gamebanana.com/skins/124293

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Fox-The-Combine 1661535924 ago

Are these quest compatible

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gamerbro186 1569644040 ago

if anyone is having the "mesh collider" problem just locate the shell ejection effect thats in pistol fire effects that's located in primary effects

0 Reply
plasmplaysrc 1552419436 ago

I can't upload until i remove "MeshCollider", where is it?

0 Reply
hajlakan 1525550331 ago

Hey Rex, would it be possible for you to port the Combine Elite model into Vrchat?

(Ps, love your combine and HECU models)

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MGFabi 1522488810 ago

Could you add emotes for different voicelines? Like "Pick up that can" and stuff? That'd be amazing

0 Reply
PonySaurus Rex Author 1522412377 ago

i don't get why some ppl are still getting that audio source problem, maybe try and have your vrcsdk updated? cuz the updated vrcsdk simply ignores that error

0 Reply
Naldo 1522410351 ago

Not familiar with that, you're gonna have to ask someone about it. .-.

0 Reply
ZeroOne 1522397354 ago

Where is the ONSP Audio Source component? It says there is one and I cannot remove it because I cant find it?

It wont let me upload until I do.

0 Reply
Naldo 1522373250 ago

You forgot to say please, Exvoskii, and your not entitled to anything. :/

0 Reply
PonySaurus Rex Author 1522317521 ago

thanks :)

0 Reply
Naldo 1522316973 ago

Lookin' fly!

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