Angel wings pack for avatar

Uploaded by ll1k4 1522675849 ago


- blue wings
- fire wings
- gold wings
- green wings
- purple wings
- white wings

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khazuwall 1571003963 ago

what do you mean by the ribbon?

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skimimoto corp 1527558353 ago

i am so putting one of these on my new sans avatar

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MelancholyNeko 1525367740 ago

need partcle system to show the wings first. then you can scale under the ribbion to how you like. and then you will need to do lots of work to add it.

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Azhem 1523441313 ago

At least can you explain how to add those things at the avatar?

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Kagachi377 1523043380 ago

Okay...but how, exactly?

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F 1523037574 ago

At least give credit to the original creator...

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MelancholyNeko 1522973904 ago

Cyberknite you can scale it down in unity it is under the ribbon.
Kagachi you can bring down the number of Polys under the ribbon.
morecticom you need to put particle system in to see the wings.

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morecticom 1522797407 ago

cant get it to show up on my models

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Kagachi377 1522781645 ago

Okay, but the wings are about 2000 polys, while most avatars are just barely below 20k...

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Cyberknite 1522757785 ago

is there.. anyway to scale down the wings .. its too big XD

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Helvegen 1522712800 ago

Now that's the kind of stuff we need to see more. Thanks !

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