Cubed Fade but the range is better[shader edit]

Uploaded by TrixxedHeart 1523074121 ago


I got annoyed with the cubed shaders fade shader and how people had to get in someones face for people to see if you were using dithering, this somewhat fixes that. You will have to have cubed shaders already to use this.

Import cubed shaders first(if you haven't already) before importing this otherwise you will get errors!

You can edit the value of how far it dithers until the model is shown entirely too, simply open the .shader file up in your notepad or notepad++ then press ctrl+f and put in this " clip((1.0 - (distance(i.posWorld.rgb,_WorldSpaceCameraPos)*lerp(1.0,node_8453,_DitherAmount))) - -1); " (without quotation marks) then edit the -1 value, if you go up to 1 you will have to get closer to the model for it to stop dithering, if you want it to stop dithering and show the model from further away then use anything below -1 (decimals are accepted)

no the model in the thumbnail does not come with this.

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BTTFGuy 1528132998 ago

is there a way to make it dither on its own?

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heyman1231 1525482112 ago

When i open the file theres no line like that detected.

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HoudiniDaSnek 1524080421 ago

how do you put it on your character?

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Vova 1523095475 ago

Good model))

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