Nefarian(World of Warcraft)

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Nefarian From World of Warcraft

This is Non-humanoid Model used custom animations and controller.

The scene is OpenMe and OpenMe2,OpenMe3,OpenMe4, OpenMe,OpenMe3 is Normal Size, OpenMe2,OpenMe4 is Big Size.
OpenMe and OpenMe2 has walking, OpenMe3 and 4 has Flying.

Cubed Shaders package Required.

Updated: OpenMe2's View Position Fixed.


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meredin360 1533002680 ago

yes, Id love to see a Lich King or Illidan!!!

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Morganachan 1523217593 ago

Please make a Lich King model :D

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Mew2Chainz 1523212636 ago

Could you do more non-WoW dragons?

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Wallow 1523170054 ago

I would love to see a Lich King model :)

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redraven626 1523168398 ago

awesome as always! out of curiosity. any chance we could get an illidan and or arthas model?

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