Yuno Gasai ( Lipsync,dynamics, eyetracking, blinking, emotes )

Uploaded by Dragonrider 1523319830 ago


Yuno Gasai ( Lipsync,dynamics, eyetracking, blinking, emotes ) Inc special bonus

I did a model conversion for | |I || |_.
He was fine with me sharing it, so here you go. (:
Have fun! :D

Also, I have a surprise gesture on the rock n roll control. :) ( cant be seen in the mirror )

Want to see your model in action, or just come by to hang out?
Or Discord channel:

I do also avatar commissions ( more info on my twitch page ).



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Eaven Starchilde 1547257495 ago

You can change the mirror option; just turn it on in the inspector.

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simpop 1541284501 ago

when i open it in unity, theres no animation override, and theres not even a knife in the right hand..

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Wolfwyy 1540013657 ago

Hey! Is there a world that you have this avatar in

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BrookeGamingYoutube 1525892257 ago

one of the emote for the model is mess up

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Dragonrider Author 1525785034 ago

You can commission on my discord. ^^ commission tab, or dm.

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aestheticpotato 1525559841 ago

Hey, I saw in your bio that you do suggestions. I really enjoy the model you created. But i was wondering if you could take these three MMD's and add the phone, knife eyetracking etc. Thank you and please reply.

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Lichwarri 1524754091 ago


Actually I do not have a problem I basically just dont know how to do this :D
But yeah, I will check out your discord, thank you:)

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Dragonrider Author 1524679555 ago

@lich and @liligly.

Are you in my discord?
In the support channel, someone had the same problem we fixed it.
Look up, and you can copy.
If not, feel free to put a comment in the support channel and me or my friends will be there for you! (:

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LilUgly 1524600577 ago

@dragonrider PLS SHOW ME! THANK U!!

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Lichwarri 1524592723 ago

Can someone help me with getting this emotes to work?
Avatar is finde but i dont know how to set up emotes:)

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Dragonrider Author 1524445379 ago

@Lilugly. I can show you, how to remove the custom emote. So you have the default rock and roll? (:
@waffle glad you enjoy it. ^^

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iToastWaffle 1524440332 ago

@DragonRider OML, Ty!

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LilUgly 1524415256 ago

@dragonrider Could you just upload it without the rock & roll emote?

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Dragonrider Author 1524014506 ago

Sure waffle.

For more info, you can check below my stream or discord. :)

Yukino, its pretty complex.
So, this point of time I can't make it work. I still try figuring it out.

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Yukino 1524009955 ago

is the rock and roll fixed? just asking

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iToastWaffle 1523914346 ago

@Dragonrider I want to ask you if you could please do this model, I must agree, it does look like a challenge but i'm sure its possible, I cannot do it myself because I am not as skilled in Blender/Unity as you are :) ~Waffle

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Cyberknite 1523776498 ago

ok.. were doom

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Drakeos 1523643386 ago

Oh okay cool XD still good

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Dragonrider Author 1523621670 ago

lambee or | |I || |_, removed the model so I could upload the fixed one.
Know that | |I || |_ asked for my help personally, so yes. :)

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Drakeos 1523601383 ago

This Iambee model .... did you ask her permission to upload this model ?

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Dragonrider Author 1523398416 ago

Thank you for your feedback!
i am aware of the issue, and I am trying to improve the special bonus. :)

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Weso2222222222222 1523396422 ago

Good job on this avatar

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ChrisWarner103 1523392997 ago

This avatar has a glitch with the rock n roll emote. You do the emote in VR or in Desktop mode and the arms and the model cannot move at all

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Wallow 1523384742 ago

Model looks great, but the 'bonus' animation thats triggered by rock n roll doesnt really work for VR users, the model will just stand there bloodied with the knife like when you use a model in desktop mode, we cant move the arms or anything

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DandyesLoveGirls 1523357239 ago

i know this avatar is HeyImBee's avatar good job buddy

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Dragonrider Author 1523355764 ago

The poly count should be 19.999.
Can you send me a screenshot of unity, from what you see?
Preferably in my discord channel under support. :)

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KaiTrexBeyond 1523340970 ago

then how i upload

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Qekkit 1523340138 ago

you dont

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KaiTrexBeyond 1523339215 ago

Cool but I can't use it, how do I reduce polygons?

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