Yandere-chan (Custom Dances/Emotes & Physics)

Uploaded by HazeUsendaya 1516317258 ago


Upvote if you use it please! Please import these shaders beforehand: https://github.com/cubedparadox/Cubeds-Unity-Shaders/releases/tag/0.23 Ensure you have VRCSDK imported before importing this model. Yandere-chan from the game with 3 custom emotes and 1 hand gesture override. You know who she is... Are you my senpai? Physics with Dynamic Bones & Rock and Roll animation override gives you a tool to get rid of your rivals.Base by TDA, Stylc, Agahat, Top by SEGA, NashieCrafter and GameAssetStudio (Edited by 10JmixP)Skirt by GameAssetStudioShoes by GameAssetStudioImport to VRChat and Custom Animations/Physics by HazeUsendaya

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Yuno42 1587992893 ago

It is a mystery to me why developers still offer their work freely for use without money here with all the unworthy people here where only can write sex !?

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Its_me_David08 1590918982 ago

i am in desktop but the emotes are not there

1 Reply
Its_me_David08 1590789388 ago

soo how do i put the non blood version?

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Bazza491 1587118607 ago

i am currently trying to port this over to be quest compatible, and it says that there is still a shader on standard, yet i have gone through all the files to find any shaders and replaced them. Any idea where any hidden shaders may be?

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NeganVR 1565720416 ago


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ohnobro0 1548197448 ago

you should put a link to the non bloody textures for this model in the description

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BmarkleyYT 1647282703 ago

um for some reason when i add the animation controller to animator it says the animation controller your using is not valid do i have to make another one to fix it

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Bendover 1596774217 ago

consume the cum chalice

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Polygonal 1586824688 ago


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SomeRandomPersonyeas 1560899560 ago

100 points, finally.

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ohnobro0 1547313990 ago

how do i get the non painted version

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Scott Rash 1542237923 ago

For some reason when I first import it into unity, it just uses the bloody textures. I've seen videos where when someone uses the weapon, they turn bloody and have the disturbed face texture on them. Any help

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Clyde 1535333871 ago

Niloc you need cubed shaders

0 Reply
Niloc 1535333128 ago

Why are my textures pink?

0 Reply
antho57400 1520191749 ago

seems legit

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ItzSaif 1520161181 ago

objects that arent on your model initially dont show up in mirrors prob for lag purposes cuz u would be seeing double the polys i assume

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antho57400 1520106271 ago

Ok so it appears I can see it moving when I run but it doesn't show up in the mirror.

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antho57400 1520100835 ago

Hi, the gesture is working except I don't see the knife, what should I do?

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TheTimeTuner 1518899831 ago

When I import the model into the game only the blood skin is showing, and the gestures don't work. What did I do wrong?

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Tingv2 1518837807 ago

just import asset then once its imported double click yandere unity file

0 Reply
Tingv2 1518837779 ago

you can go straight to unity

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TheTimeTuner 1518717493 ago

Hey this is my first time importing a player model, can I import this file straight into VRSDK unity or do I need to import to blender first?

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Purple Destroyer 1518288980 ago

Also, how do you make it so overwriting a gesture makes a knife appear? I know how to overwrite a gesture, but that is all I know.

0 Reply
Purple Destroyer 1518287088 ago

If you have the time, may you make a Yandere-Kun Avatar?

0 Reply
Azarges 1518283319 ago

How can we get it without the blood ?

0 Reply
Space Explorer 159 1517701584 ago

I tried that. It still does the normal gesture

0 Reply
HazeUsendaya Author 1517511856 ago

Yes, it works properly. It is the rock-and-roll gesture.

0 Reply
Space Explorer 159 1517278792 ago

Is the hand gesture override working properly? I can't seem to get it to work

0 Reply
HazeUsendaya Author 1516658565 ago

@bitroulix I can do that. I'll have that uploaded soon :)

0 Reply
Bitroulix 1516642987 ago

Nice Avatar !Is it possible to have it without blood everywhere ? Or is there a tip to have it ?

0 Reply
HazeUsendaya Author 1516544682 ago

@laseneph that is an animation override that I have already put into the Avatar. You need to make the rock and roll hand gesture in VR as @clyde said.

0 Reply
Clyde 1516527863 ago

Laseneph, you have to make the rock & roll gesture with VR.

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laseneph 1516521907 ago

I see in the files that she has a knife object and such, how do I set that up or use it? (If it's complex are you able to point me towards a tutorial how to do it?)

0 Reply
HazeUsendaya Author 1516377138 ago

If you import the shaders before importing the avatar, it should work properly, but if not, then changing the materials to the correct textures works too.

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blobfish 1516354383 ago

I fixed it by making the materials normal again, they were changed to a different type of material.

0 Reply
Clyde 1516348916 ago

Blobfish, download the shaders in the description and it should fix it.

0 Reply
blobfish 1516348712 ago

I made an account to say that when I imported this avatar it was pink because of an error with materials, I don't know if this is just on my end, just wanted to let y'all know.

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