MGS3 Naked Snake

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Naked Snake is the main protagonist of Metal Gear Solid 3. He specializes in tactical espionage operations on a national scale. He wields his slick knife and custom 1911 to dispatch foes. He was sent on a virtuous mission to kill his former mentor and clear the United States' name from a nuclear bombing on a Russian research facility.

Naked Snake is fully animated for combat prowess and stealth operations in vrchat. He includes pistol animations and and other misc animations for fun.

When putting the model in unity, pick out what animation controller you wish to use for Snake in the animations-pistol animations folder. The two controllers are marked "pistolstanding" and pistolstanding1". Only difference between the two are the idle animations; The normal one is an active aiming idle while the other is a relaxed idle.

This model can be used for both desktop and vr players however, its all triggered through emotes. Hand gestures wont trigger any sounds or animations.


1911 Pistol:

Knife Sounds:
Firing Sounds:
Rocket Punch Sounds:
Snake Death:

Bobilly89 - Dance and CQC animations (Here on VRCMods)
(c)Hardsuit Labs - Rocket Punch
Made the pistol animations myself - (fire, reload, movement, and jump)

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TakeTori 1586736069 ago

I realise it's been a long time, but is there any chance that you'll upload a working version of this with the unity package?

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Pfctink 1542754550 ago

I don't understand how to get this working.

0 Reply
ZeroJyllmeiko 1542727808 ago

May I ask for a little help

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RevolverLuigi 1533602112 ago

Is there a way to get only a model for this?

0 Reply
TommyMG96 1526956148 ago

I don't see a folder with the snake model, just the guns?

0 Reply
OskeinO 1523951540 ago

now i can scream ROCKETOOO PAWNSSH xD nice glad someone got to this model before i made an attempt

0 Reply
Eldersander 1523919487 ago

The animations have some bug xD his head get off while doing animations. Great avatar btw, i was waiting for that :D

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