Poppi (alpha)

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Poppi (Alpha) from Xenoblade Chronicles 2!
The game's artificial blade. Was created by a being instead awakened by a core crystal.

She doesn't have eye-tracking however (due to the nature of the model given), but it could make sense to some.
She uses a male-animation set because it makes more sense for her.
Her scene contain two versions if you prefer her with or without the shield in her back.

Gesture list:
F2 or Fist: Weapon
F3 or Handopen: Scared
F4 or Fingerpoint: Sad
F6 or Rocknroll: Bored
F8 or Thumbsup: Happy

Model source:
https://kurokairaku.deviantart.com/art/Xenoblade-Chronicles-2-Poppi-740599109 (Not MMD!)

Cubeds Shader
Dynamic Bones.

Q: Where's the blink
A: Idk....(https://i.imgur.com/xfdLD1V.png)

Q: Cape looks......fixed. Her cape in game is supposed to be broken.
A: You're correct! But making her textures similar to the game is difficult. I've tried it.

Q: Why couldn't you make an Animation with her weapon out and her back object gone
A: There has been attempts....both are unsuccessful, thus...the two versions.



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Hayan 1545515393 ago

For some reason, I can't seem to save the avatar. Every time I build and publish, the write name screen does not appear. Maybe it's something about the vrcsdk, but I have no idea.

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Nepu37 1530028691 ago

You should make her QT version (just asking)

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kirotyn 1524057559 ago

hey @lyeco, think you could put Morag on here? would really appreciate it.

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kirotyn 1524054635 ago

those arent cannons on her shoulders, those are the boosters from her drill shield

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RogueMorty 1523946925 ago

ripperoni! None the less, a good model

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Lyeco Author 1523941844 ago

@RogueMorty I don't know how to do complex animations (like particles, sounds) currently.

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RogueMorty 1523941764 ago

Do her shoulder cannons shoot?

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