Invisible shader

Uploaded by RogueMorty 1524101075 ago


A shader that makes you invisible! Enjoy guys

VRCSDK is needed for this
download here: (Login then click on sdk)

Download my other uploads!

Credit to Bryan#0972 for this! :>

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Rokk 1524159383 ago

Why would you do this, exactly? You might as well put an avatar descriptor on an empty object, disable your mesh renderer, or disable your entire mesh.

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Droidslayer 1528030141 ago

Man it looks so good just look at the well made graphics it must have taken this guy mounths to draw that.

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Radelos 1524261668 ago

how exactly do you set it up so it looks like on the screen, you need a texture to it? kinda cant figure it out how exactly to do it like that

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tyrone423 1524180155 ago

how do you add it to an existing avatar

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BluAxel 1524170354 ago

@Rokk Sorry. I was just bored one day. Is that a problem?

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Hoodytm 1524150151 ago

how do i use it i dont get it

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