Slipknot - Mick Thomson (Emotes)

Uploaded by Vinrax 1524552713 ago


Member of Slipknot band.
Originaly model created for L4D as survivor model. I ported that guy for vrchat.
Avatar have custom emotes.

Models & textures: SlayerC
Porting to vrchat: Vinrax (Me)

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PickleFork007 1548644160 ago

65K+ Polygons...VRChat won't accept it.

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TheRealLancaster 1547087007 ago

Good job with the model! I'm currently trying to make some avatars from Ghost, wish me luck!

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Mr NeedaName 1525907988 ago

Now all we need is Corey in his Iowa mask..

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GrimmCalico 1524747994 ago

yes, we need young nathan and current one :D plus more metal is always good

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Raozd 1524717531 ago

a nathan explosion with emotes and lipsync would be brutal af

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Maestrotic 1524679920 ago

This is so fucking amazing. I second the dethklok comment

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GrimmCalico 1524606341 ago

Very nice , now we need some Metalocalypse/Dethklok up in here XD

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