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Uploaded by Ted Stevens 1516339160 ago


Eyes, blinking, mouth/voice work and hair has dyn bone.

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GHOSTFANG 1530105013 ago

made in abyss fan here to big time any chance of having the avatar with the hand lazer i think its called lol

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Angel0Dust 1529698001 ago

by any chance do you have the link to the original model? ive been looking everywhere for it and cant get it. Thanks

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PoppyGay 1529414058 ago

Do you maybe have the classic nanachi model? like in a zip file

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Clyde 1529138177 ago

It's not a race, it's just some girl in an anime

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renwinter 1529120794 ago

what is this race called? want one without these clothes so I can customize it

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Cokey 1527544266 ago

Please upload Crying Nanachi and the Nanachi that switches between frisk and chara with the music etc, I can't find the crying nanachi and I would really like them both to be in my personal slot

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River91 1523351010 ago

Will there be a new updated version of this avatar at some point?

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Anono 1519130455 ago

Please upload 19,999 poly version? :) (Fingers broken on this 16k one)

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kavex 1516984375 ago

definitely made in abyss fan thanks

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Squishydew 1516481944 ago

This nanachi has been decimated too much, its fingers are broken :

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Ted Stevens Author 1516343731 ago

^ fixed, ty

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bauernjunges 1516341724 ago

blueprint id issues

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