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From the Hyperdimension Neptunia games.

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Tetrelle 1526420757 ago

Can we get a screenshot of what this looks like in game so we know if we want to download it or not?

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ExperiencedTribesman 1525386073 ago

Iffy best girl, flat is justice

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kirotyn 1525296606 ago

its no problem

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Big Brother Author 1525287897 ago

I honestly don't know how to add lip sync either. I'm sorry.

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kirotyn 1525265781 ago

can you add lip syncing? i dont really know how to

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khazuwall 1525238506 ago

it gave me an error while uploading said it found something that would be removed but still uploaded it just fine and it works so im happy. ty :)

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Big Brother Author 1525205197 ago

Will do.

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Kekles 1525203887 ago

Any chance you could include pictures of what they look like in vrchat next time? Kinda hard to judge based on just an image of their face..

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