E-Boy(Dynamic-Bones, Lip-Sync, Emotes, Eye-Tracking)

Uploaded by T3KA 1525376866 ago


Import unity Package
Open eboy-scene located in eboy folder

This doesn't come with dynamic bones unity package!
Or the Cubed's Unity Shaders
you'll have to download those separately

Enjoy ;p
^^^^^^^^^^^^ Better image of model

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LeDarkAngel 1674995436 ago

is there a way to update this avatar to new VRchat app ? (SDK 3 )

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Spoingus 1587008934 ago


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Polygonal 1586824742 ago


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epic3G 1553562515 ago

where is the original page for this on deviantart because the fbx breaks when i go to fix it in blender

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DristanJames 1544258981 ago

I wanted to use this avatar to make my own but when I remove the stuff I don't want in Blender it ruins the avatar ingame. It's all fine in Unity, just not in VRChat. Can you help me out with this, T3KA

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ArtMagus 1541020343 ago

Hi T3KA Would it be possible to get the Blender file for this or a link to where you got the assets used to make this avatar

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pcgamingdavid 1539134011 ago

can you add the Dubstep Gun From Saint Row

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Beastmaster415 1537748994 ago

Whats the name of the model i dont wanna keep looking for it so please tell T_T

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ejernick 1532094209 ago

T3KA I was wondering what is model name from MikuMikuDance (MMD) So I can download it. Just curious what it name was.

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sandzxd 1526057735 ago

Nice avatar, personally helped me out on discord too

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tirru 1525490610 ago


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Drakeos 1525462328 ago

THANK YOU <3 using this till my new avatar gets made <3

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Drakeos 1525444170 ago

Mouth need's to be fixed and also jacket is clipping through but rest seems okay xD

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Skyes 1525409210 ago

Can't upload it as an avatar in Unity, anyone else having this problem?

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