Blade Nia

Uploaded by Lyeco 1525670404 ago


Update v1.2
- Added Eye-tracking
Delete the original folder then install the new one to update
(Due to Vrcmod's new upload system, you can use main download button as intended instead of a link)

Update v1.1
- Weapon now glows
- She should be shorter
- Should blink properly now
- No longer requires an F2 gesture to use an attack emote
Delete the original folder then install the new one to update

Blade Nia or Catalyst Nia from Xenoblade Chronicles 2
Nia's True form. It is shown that she can be a Driver and a Blade.

Contains Animations, Dynamics, Visemes, Emotes and a weapon
New version has eye-tracking

Gesture List:
F2 or Fist: Weapon
F4 or Hand Point: Sad
F6 or Rock n roll: Mad
F7 or Handgun: Smug
F8 or Thumbs Up: Happy

Cubed Shaders
Dynamic Bones


Q: The emotes load slowly wtf!?!?
A: That could be VrChat's side of things :/

Q: Additional Folder for another Nia?
A: I recycled a few stuff from her. I suspect you didn't install the first one.

Q: She looks weird on a Camera
A: Currently, I don’t know how to fix it because I don’t know where that problem came from

Q: Too tall!
A: Currently fixing her. (Update: She is now fixed)


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Tenshii 1552411142 ago

Really nice skin, but I have one problem, her feets are like half in the texture of the ground. Don´t someone know how to fix it please? Thanks

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WALM 1548293968 ago

So in order to upload this to VRChat, i would have to pay 20 bucks to get one of the Requirements (dynamic bones) just to upload? i want specifics. and maybe links?

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Lyeco Author 1527895818 ago

What does the skin look like?

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TheDragonScion 1527889992 ago

BTW, I think an alternate skin was found for Blade Nia and I already made a VRchat model, I can give you the unity files if you want them. I will probably extract the files myself to confirm if it is in the game, but the skin looks awesome in my opinion.

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Lyeco Author 1527267116 ago


What does your hand look like when hold a sword?

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heyman1231 1527108618 ago

@lyeco i know that, im just saying why would you put it as that in the first place?

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Lyeco Author 1526950685 ago

You can change it in the animation override yourself

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heyman1231 1526948088 ago

why would you make the fist be an emote? i never understood that. now every time you grab something the swords gonna come out.

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TheDragonScion 1526251496 ago

@DEXCAR Are you using the same project or do you start a new project every time?

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DEXCAR 1526104533 ago

Something even more odd now. Models I've downloaded before work with Unity but any new models I downloaded, even if I redownload models that have worked before, I get the same error message. Maybe I could try reinstalling Unity.

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Lyeco Author 1526103503 ago

I never encountered that error. I am using the latest SDK too.
Try reinstalling the SDK

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DEXCAR 1526103413 ago

For some reason when I try to upload this model and the normal Nia model into Unity it gives me an error. "Failed to import package with error: Couldn't decompress package". I'm using the most recent version of the SDK and other models upload just fine. Any idea what the issue is?

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Lyeco Author 1526070767 ago

Don't worry about the object under her feet. It won't be in the upload

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KuroMajo 1526056585 ago

Do i delete the object underneath her feet?

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TheDragonScion 1526010331 ago

Just realized while playing XC2, that most characters including Nia don't actually move their eyes, so it would be almost impossible to get the eyes to move with the skeleton used in game

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TheDragonScion 1525971520 ago

Unfortunately, the models eyes were made using 3ds max and blender has trouble trying to find the shape keys made by 3ds max. From what I cna tell, the fbx file lost alot of polygons including shape keys since the raw file 122k faces, while the fbx only has 22k. The best solution I found was to make the eyes 3d by adding a sphere and textures, then parenting it to the head. I know that when I got the model from vgresource, the guy who dumped it also made the pyra model and he added the 3d eyes to it. Hopefully someone will come up with an easier method.

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Lyeco Author 1525849565 ago


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TheDragonScion 1525841679 ago

What are you using to make the models?

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Lyeco Author 1525828073 ago

Dude, show me how to add eye movement! Did you actually use the deviantart version to add the eye movement or the one here?

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TheDragonScion 1525815177 ago

Thanks, I finally got the eye movements working after about a week of editing when the model got released, but the mouth shape keys were way to difficult for me. Great job on the animations btw. Now to work on particle effects for the sword. Best Blade ever

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MomobSt 1525798865 ago

Are you planning on doing a Tora avatar ?

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ITSBB 1525736091 ago

It's ok, just an idea.

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Lyeco Author 1525728276 ago

I don't have the model of it sorry.

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ITSBB 1525726112 ago

Say, think you can make a model of the tiger in that first picture? It seems cool!

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kirotyn 1525704125 ago


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Lyeco Author 1525699707 ago

My hands are currently full. :/ . But I'll think about it.

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kirotyn 1525698550 ago

and what can i say when i really like xenoblade? also, can you do Brighid next?

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Lyeco Author 1525698105 ago

What do you expect when you constantly post on my Xenoblade stuff?

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kirotyn 1525694791 ago

i seem to have become either famous or infamous to you lyeco

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Clyde 1525670820 ago


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Lyeco Author 1525670482 ago

I bet two cents, Kirotyn will ask something

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