Inversed Spirit Origami Tobiichi(Date a Live)

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Inversed Spirit Origami Tobiichi From Date a Live.

Model Made by cytwscyt.
Original Bone by x10azgmfx.

Perhaps this is Vrchat's first Warcraft 3-based anime character model. This model has been called as a plugin for 3ds max and Blender. I tried to create an avatar of the Warcraft 3 Anime model. This is not the MMD, but the Warcraft III model, the original bones can not make a humanoid also i maked the new biped skeleton. Since it was originally an mdx file, not pmx or pmd, there is no Lip sync and Eye Tracking. The Warcraft 3 Anime model will be only one because there is no more Warcraft 3 Anime model I want to create.

Note: There is a problem with hair passing through the body. But it does not interfere with the game.

Cubed Shaders package Required.

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Lunavan 1577646009 ago

Haven't tried it in vrchat but the model looks like what the drawn photo looks like

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Tetrelle 1526420330 ago

Can we get a screenshot of what it looks like in game so we know if we would like to download it or not?

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