Titanfall 2 Scorch

Uploaded by sync1211 1526133742 ago


(Updates only apply to the file linked in the Readme.txt!)

-Added head to rig!

-added thermite launcher

Scorch from Titanfall 2.

As always you will have to download the version with textures from the link in the Readme.txt file! (<--- Don't forget this step!)

Rock and Roll: Show weapon

If you have any questions or ideas for improvements. My Discord is: Sync1211 #3819
If you're interested in how I got the textures and models from the game, check out the tutorial I followed: https://forum.facepunch.com/f/fbx/bskox/Tutorial-Titanfall-2-to-Source-WARNING-LONG-OP-LOTS-OF-IMAGES/1/

Titanfall 2 (c) Respawn Entertainment! I do not own any assets used to create this avatar!

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sync1211 Author 1527379000 ago

@xfacter Tone has been tested and uploaded! I haven't bought Tone Prime yet so it' not included. I'll start working on it as soon as I've bought it ingame!

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xfacter 1527286767 ago

looks great! I prefer the ordinary camo, personally.

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xfacter 1527260964 ago

how dare you save tone for last

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DonnieDanko 1526252878 ago


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cwhalo 1526167018 ago

But alot of people dont do these kinda models and makes for one amazing variate in models i love titanfall and think its the best game and people forget about this and dont do them but it doesnt matter about what you cant its about what you do sync you do some amazing models with some time you become amazing.

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sync1211 Author 1526166706 ago

@cwhalo Thanks! :D
There are a lot of people on this site, who made things I currently lack the skills to make! (lip sync, dynamic bones, shape key, etc)

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cwhalo 1526166403 ago

Sync1211 you did it boy
You have to be the best person ever on this website

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