Mayuri Shiina (Viscemes)

Uploaded by manek 1526870720 ago


the adorable and supportive mayuri now in vr chat <3
iĀ“m still trying to improve in modeling and i couldnĀ“t make a face that i liked
that is why thereĀ“s 3 models in this file
the first one using a model of kuristina as the base (mayuri kurisu base)
the second one is a model i made from cero (mayuri own model)
and the third one is my second attempt (mayuri 2nd model folder)
there is still a lot of work stiching , correcting weights and texturing that i cannot do at the moment
so if you want to improve it iĀ“ll be glad to se it

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BarrelTitorFB 1537327783 ago

@Kurisutina Sorry, I totally forgot to check for comments! I added you on Discord, VR Chat and Steam. It's easiest if you try reaching me through discord. My icon is me as S;G 0 Daru.

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Kurisutina 1536226116 ago

Yo BarrelTitorFB ! Its nice to see another fan of S;G saga.
Add me on discord too, as you can see Im a die hard fan too!

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BarrelTitorFB 1536186654 ago

Amazing Job with your Steins;Gate Avatars so far! I was wondering if you could possibly make a Daru S;G or S;G 0 avatar? Feel free to add me on discord.
Barrel #1880

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manek Author 1527563375 ago

@clyde i am already there where should i message to?

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Clyde 1527475999 ago

If you do make a discord please @ me on discord on our server so I can give you the contributor role.

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Kurisutina 1527069912 ago

Oh I see. Okay then, I'll wait. Save my username so you can add me later.
Thank you! See ya! ^^

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manek Author 1527050440 ago

@kurisutina i donĀ“t own a discord yet but you can pm on twitter at @Manek_kun or in deviantart as lg461 i will not be able to create a discord until weekend

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Kurisutina 1527021842 ago

Do you have discord? I want to ask you one thing.
Add me there, my name is:

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Kurisutina 1527021532 ago

Amazing job! I love it! Thank you!! <3

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Thunderchild 1526908776 ago

Excellent ty

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