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TDA Luka HS {Lip Sync, Eye Track, 5 Emotes & Modded SDK} Screenshot

853 Total Downloads

21.4K Total Views

Asset Type VRChat Avatars

File Type Unity Package


This avatar works best in desktop mode (because of the custom pose)
If you want to use this avatar in vr you need to remove the 'pose' in the custom override 2 which is set to the standing animation in the avatar descriptor script.




Please follow these steps for the avatar to work

1. Import modded SDK

2. Import Cubed's Unity Shaders

3. Import Animated Rainbow Shader

4. Import avatar package

If you have any problems with uploading the model, you can find in the VRChatMods Discord server as 'Metal Nips' in greek letters and messege me.


Luka Beach outfit:,-Eye-Track,-5-Emotes-&-Modded-SDK%7D

Fluffy/Pastel Luka:,-Eye-Track,-5-Emotes-&-Modded-SDK%7D


Other HS Vocaloid models






Assets (49 files inside Unity Package)

/Assets/Scenes/TDA Luka HS.unity
/Assets/Avatars/TDA Luka HS/Luka.fbx
/Assets/Avatars/TDA Luka HS/Materials/hair_rukaAp_S01.mat
/Assets/Avatars/TDA Luka HS/Materials/He came.mat
/Assets/Avatars/TDA Luka HS/Materials/ruka_hair_backlL65.mat
/Assets/Avatars/TDA Luka HS/Materials/G1.mat
/Assets/Avatars/TDA Luka HS/Materials/S2.mat
/Assets/Avatars/TDA Luka HS/Materials/N1.mat
/Assets/Avatars/TDA Luka HS/Materials/hair_rukaAp_L65.mat
/Assets/Avatars/TDA Luka HS/Materials/Bad.mat
/Assets/Avatars/TDA Luka HS/Materials/ring_miku 3.mat
/Assets/Avatars/TDA Luka HS/Materials/face_LukaAp_L71h.mat
/Assets/Avatars/TDA Luka HS/Materials/ring.mat
/Assets/Avatars/TDA Luka HS/Materials/Bathing suits.mat
/Assets/Avatars/TDA Luka HS/Materials/body00_luka_mizugi.mat
/Assets/Avatars/TDA Luka HS/Materials/On.mat
/Assets/Avatars/TDA Luka HS/Materials/S1.mat
/Assets/Avatars/TDA Luka HS/Materials/Hs.mat
/Assets/Avatars/TDA Luka HS/Materials/We are.mat
/Assets/Avatars/TDA Luka HS/Materials/Na 2.mat
/Assets/Avatars/TDA Luka HS/Materials/lukabody02_MikuAp.mat
/Assets/Avatars/TDA Luka HS/Materials/Hs_l.mat
/Assets/Avatars/TDA Luka HS/Materials/K.mat
/Assets/Avatars/TDA Luka HS/tga/body00_luka_mizugi.tga
/Assets/Avatars/TDA Luka HS/tga/lukabody02_MikuAp.tga
/Assets/Avatars/TDA Luka HS/tga/ruka_hair_backlL65.tga
/Assets/Avatars/TDA Luka HS/tga/face_LukaAp_L71h.tga
/Assets/Avatars/TDA Luka HS/tga/Hs_l.tga
/Assets/Avatars/TDA Luka HS/tga/hair_rukaAp_L65.tga
/Assets/Avatars/TDA Luka HS/tga/hair_rukaAp_S01.png
/Assets/Avatars/TDA Luka HS/tga/ring.tga
/Assets/Avatars/TDA Luka HS/tga/Hs.tga
/Assets/Avatars/TDA Miku HS/Animations/Pose.anim
/Assets/Avatars/TDA Miku HS/Animations/CustomOverrideEmpty 3.overrideController
/Assets/Avatars/TDA Miku HS/Animations/Angry.anim
/Assets/Avatars/TDA Miku HS/Animations/Happy.anim
/Assets/Avatars/TDA Miku HS/Animations/Sad.anim
/Assets/Avatars/TDA Miku HS/Animations/Curious.anim
/Assets/Avatars/TDA Miku HS/Animations/CustomOverrideEmpty 2.overrideController
/Assets/Avatars/TDA Miku HS/Animations/Suprised.anim
/Assets/Avatars/TDA Miku HS/Materials/Na.mat
/Assets/Avatars/TDA Miku HS/Materials/We are.mat
/Assets/Avatars/TDA Miku HS/tga/ring_miku.tga

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