Punk Luka (Eye Tracking, Lip Sync, Anims)

Uploaded by Qekkit 1527112153 ago


She is back at it again! See the world through Luka's eyes!

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Andromeda-Jan 1571959932 ago

good one <3

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Saucey 1530474154 ago

Not sure why but the lip piercings don't show up at all in-game... any fix for this?

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Aranohr 1528207848 ago

What's the other model in the first three pictures? And is there a download link for that model?

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sushi hime 1527251099 ago

how do i get that pls

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Nekeuw 1527244904 ago

God bless modded sdk

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Qekkit Author 1527222521 ago


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NikitoUmata 1527203412 ago

lol it wont upload because its passed the limits

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sushi hime 1527141568 ago

50k model lol

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Qekkit Author 1527133654 ago

Has eye tracking and visemes! Not sure what the problem your experiencing is, could you explain what "anything else" refers to?

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KazumiLove 1527127095 ago

no blinking or anything else lol

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