Madison (Eye Tracking, Lip Sync, Anims)

Uploaded by Qekkit 1527113691 ago


See the world through Madison's adorable eyes! Hope you enjoy playing around with her!

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CoolingCloset 1540484814 ago

What materials do I need to make invisible to remove the pink

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ArachnidForger 1539553326 ago

REEE. Fix the pink.

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maysiez 1532339174 ago

mk so the thing is you've gotta import unity shaders and everything that's pink you need to find in the files and delete. hope this helps

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VonRoss23 1528949299 ago

how do we make it invisible?

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VonRoss23 1527492734 ago

what? how?

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Qekkit Author 1527370156 ago

make the mat something invisible

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VonRoss23 1527369260 ago

Qekkit, how do u take off the pink parts

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azlizet3 1527292400 ago

Yup, i still see pink

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Killerbee 1527280974 ago

The pink should have been hidden when it was released.

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Qekkit Author 1527217347 ago

The pink pieces are optional pieces to the model! Normally kept invisible :)

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Killerbee 1527179864 ago

Hopefully this will be fixed.

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taleisicas 1527175878 ago

Part of the eyes, the mouth, and a part of her shirt are all pink. Even with cubed's shaders.

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