7 Hetalia Bears (with facial expressions!)

Uploaded by tirru 1527216702 ago


Found these cute bears and wanted to upload them!
You get all seven bears in the unity package.
They originally didn't have fingers so I added them to each model, but they have no weight painting since it'd look weird with the paws.

10K Polygons Each

Shift + F2 or Fist: Angry
Shift + F4 or Fingerpoint: xD
Shift + F5 or Peace sign: Wink
Shift + F6 or Rock n' roll: Relaxed / Shy
Shift + F7 or Handgun: Scared
Shift + F8 or Thumbs Up: Smile

Cubed Shaders

VRCSDK - Make sure you have the newest SDK! (Unity version: 2017.4.15f1 ONLY)
Under the download section of the VRChat website.

An eye for cuteness

https://discordapp.com/invite/hFSNnsr - Here's my server!
Don't be afraid to use the #avatar-help channel or message me if you have any issues!

I also do commissions as well, so join the server and send me a message if you're interested!

There are six different colors to choose from for the bear in the textures!


Looking for a Zero Two model from Darling in the FRANXX? Here you go!:

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Ksubaki 1677074220 ago

Discord invite is expired, but maybe u can answer here, did you make the bears? i wanna know if its ok for me to edit this for a friend for a vtubing model, credit will be given ofc

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HatakeVentus 1605839375 ago

The American Bear's star patch has a funky black outline i guess its not making that transparent anyone know how to make it transparent or a video? please and thank you

0 Reply
CriminalCaseFangirlTheLoli 1541875435 ago

Can someone tell me how to install the Cubed shaders

0 Reply
Nightngale17 1536524433 ago

I get an error message saying "LowerLeg is not first child of UpperLeg or Foot is not first child of LowerLeg: You may have problems with shin rotations." Any ideas how to fix this

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Tristmanking 1533062377 ago

how did you get the pass for the models?

0 Reply
tirru Author 1527609728 ago

@Joey Joe Add me on discord and I'll try to help you out!

0 Reply
Joey Joe 1527609208 ago

Hi, loved what you made. They're so cute :3 But I found a problem where the face of the teddy bear doesn't change at all when I tried using the gestures you put in. Any idea how to fix that?

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mike2534 1527603641 ago

is Italy ribbon bear, im guessing it is

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Oliver 1527399894 ago

Make sure you have cubed shaders fandrus
then drop one of the bears in unity.

0 Reply
fandrus 1527352489 ago

how do these packages work when theres more than one model? I'm new to this, sorry

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Kurisutina 1527266512 ago

Ohhh thats so cute!! :O

0 Reply
tirru Author 1527263577 ago

@Rawrturkey Now you can have bear friends :)

0 Reply
Rawrturkey 1527250094 ago

i've been using the British bear for last couple of months guess im not the only one anymore :C

0 Reply
Oliver 1527226518 ago

yes, finally have a teddy!

0 Reply

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