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Power Light Particle System Screenshot

4.4K Total Downloads

105.6K Total Views

Asset Type Models and Props

File Type Unity Package


Just a simple particle system you can do whatever you want with it, to use it just drag the prefab "power light for vrcmods 1" in the hierarchy. Click the play button and see the magic happening.

Assets (18 files inside Unity Package)

/Assets/particles by laezor/center beam.mat
/Assets/particles by laezor/circle.mat
/Assets/particles by laezor/large.png
/Assets/particles by laezor/smoke touside.mat
/Assets/particles by laezor/11.png
/Assets/particles by laezor/Beam Light.prefab
/Assets/particles by laezor/beam.mat
/Assets/particles by laezor/5a2982e3c704c1.5466532415126699238152.png
/Assets/particles by laezor/power light vrcmods/smoke touside 1.mat
/Assets/particles by laezor/power light vrcmods/beam 1.mat
/Assets/particles by laezor/power light vrcmods/5a2982e3c704c1.5466532415126699238152 1.png
/Assets/particles by laezor/power light vrcmods/580b585b2edbce24c47b26f10.png
/Assets/particles by laezor/power light vrcmods/circle 1.mat
/Assets/particles by laezor/power light vrcmods/power light for vrcmods 1.prefab
/Assets/particles by laezor/power light vrcmods/center beam 1.mat
/Assets/particles by laezor/power light vrcmods/12.png
/Assets/particles by laezor/power light vrcmods/Beam Light 1.prefab
/Assets/particles by laezor/power light vrcmods/large 1.png

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Satsuki 1530303487 ago

I really want to use this, but the "power light for vrcmods 1" prefab is completely empty and when I attach it to the hierarchy and click play, nothing happens. Am I doing something wrong?


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