Crysis 2 nanosuit

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Crysis 2 nanosuit with built-in cloaking.
I havent found a working nanosuit model for vrc (This was a broken model that i fixed) and thought about uploading it here so anybody looking for a crysis model would have easy access to one.
FAQ about cloak:
cloak doesn't make you fully invisible, You just reflect light weirdly, Like in the game.
You have a cloaking sound.
Cloak is set on rock n roll
For refrence on what the cloak looks like, check the pictures.
This unity pack contains 3 versions of all the textures, My modified one, Non shiny "normal" and better a bit more metallic shiny
I would highly recommend using the Cisco's shader (included in the package) instead of cubed's shaders due to cubeds making it look weird and a bit too bright.
Invisibility has a custom shader which you can compile yourself, And modify to your pleasing (Code comes with unity package)
I plan on making maximum strength a thing, but just haven't figured out a smart way to implement it.
Poly count: 19k
Known bugs:
Hands disappear when in ceirtant angles in cloak mode, This does not include the arms, only the hands.
Weight painting is a tiny bit off on the hand-torso area, i'll fix this when i learn to weight paint properly. -Will be fixed within a day

If you want to contact me, heres my discord:

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mr2meows 1613157482 ago

i keep getting missing prefab things when i import it

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cman2pt0 1588893899 ago

Is there any way to get this set up for full body tracking? Because everytime i try to use FBT with it, it just looks like I have an incredibly severe case of scoliosis

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jackster 1553199586 ago

the customoverrideempty3 didn't have the invidible anim linked to anything

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jackster 1553199392 ago

cloak doesn't work for me

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Chalkbot Author 1529077142 ago

The shader settings have been setup, You don't need to worry about them.

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The115Zombie 1528958985 ago

Where is the cicada shader because I don't know what I am looking for? plz HELP

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SpulX 1528537573 ago

SaintJON123 , its an easy fix find the visor in the model and change the shader from cubed to cicada and it should work fine.

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Chalkbot Author 1528107834 ago

SaintJON123, Could you add me on discord so i could help you out? My discord is: Chalkbot#2385
I'll be able to get on my pc in two days, i'm currently out of town

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SaintJON123 1528014898 ago

Why isnt the visor showing up? when i upload it, it is just a hollow head. please help

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Unknown77 1527869855 ago

yeah i fixed it now ^^ awsome model btw

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Chalkbot Author 1527769437 ago

Sorry about not uploading the new version, I've been trying to figure out a good shader that makes the model look as accurate to the game as possible :P

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Neza 1527709237 ago

Omg thanks this is so cool ty Chalk <3

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Garshy 1527652707 ago

The model kinda stands hunched backwards

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Chalkbot Author 1527524615 ago

Unknown77, Are you sure it isn't your SDK? Try to upload it from my scene, If that doesnt work contact me in discord as it will be easier to talk Chalkbot#2385

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ExperiencedTribesman 1527489648 ago

Nice one, but careful, the nanosuit is technically copyrighted ;)

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TheUnknownM 1527461852 ago

Alright, Thank you, Chalk.

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Unknown77 1527456665 ago

Can´t Build it ...there is something wrong with the ONSPAudioSource

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Chalkbot Author 1527451516 ago

Cisco's shader should be included in the initial unitypackage, I'll update the package tomorrow with my improved .fbx model, and more accurate textures, I'll check the shader status at the same time.

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Supp 1527447734 ago

Nice One!
Works perfectly :)

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TheUnknownM 1527446501 ago

This is awesome man! Great job!

Btw, Where to download the Cisco's shaders?

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