Succubus Girls (Dynamic Bones, Lip Sync, Tracking, Gestures)

Uploaded by tirru 1527475562 ago


Kawakaze and Yamakaze Succubus
These two models were requested!

60K Polygons Each

Dynamic Bones

Cubed Shaders (Version 0.24)

VRCSDK - Make sure you have the newest SDK! (Unity version: 2017.4.15f1 ONLY)
Under the download section of the VRChat website.

1. Make sure you download Dynamic Bones, Cubed Shaders, and the Modded VRCSDK then import them into Unity.
2. Download and import the Succubus unity package.
3. Open the Succubus scene located within the Succubus folder.
4. Upload and enjoy!

Shift + F2 or Fist: Angry
Shift + F4 or Finger point: Smug
Shift + F5 or Peace sign: Ahegao
Shift + F6 or Rock n' roll: Wink
Shift + F7 or Handgun: Sad
Shift + F8 or Thumbs Up: Smile

NEED HELP?: - Here's my server
Don't be afraid to use the Discord server or message me if you have any issues!

I also do commissions as well, so join the server and send me a message if you're interested!


Looking for a Zero Two model from Darling in the FRANXX? Here you go:

Do you like cute bears? Here you go:!)

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Gareu 1530013965 ago

i downloaded and tried to upload, but i failed.
unity says it has more than 20k polygons.
pls help me!
I admired your works. VERY GOOD!

10 Reply
tirru Author 1528405711 ago

@Juicelien Thanks for sharing, have fun

10 Reply
Sir Cumcise 1548431996 ago

how to get arrested

1 Reply
Jasper Tenebris 1592343786 ago


0 Reply
Polygonal 1586824709 ago


0 Reply
NeganVR 1565720558 ago


0 Reply
Aranohr 1552692394 ago

So succubi apparently don't breach ToS. Good to know

0 Reply
Hayan 1546203634 ago

FYI to users, you don't need the modified SDK anymore with the new SDK allowing up to 70k polygons

0 Reply
Laffycake 1540676606 ago

Only one of the pink one's wings moves now.

0 Reply
DuMaCuK 1534131520 ago

Thanks for the model, I figured it out myself))

0 Reply
tirru Author 1534129632 ago

Please message me on discord for problems, it's not efficient through comments.

0 Reply
astronaut322 1534040669 ago

Having a bit of an issue uploading. It just doesn't appear. Is there anything You could suggest I could do to fix it?

0 Reply
tirru Author 1533188982 ago

@josh They're on the model already when you upload it.

0 Reply
joshirosama 1533186840 ago

how do i apply gestures?

0 Reply
tirru Author 1530029287 ago

@Gareu Read the description.

0 Reply
Juicelien 1528403538 ago

I love this but i'm gonna decimate the model for other people's sake

0 Reply
yungarriba 1527973580 ago

@tirru cuz he's a dumbass, that's why

0 Reply
tirru Author 1527934766 ago

@N1c0HD Why did you scroll past all the useful words that explain everything

0 Reply
tirru Author 1527692610 ago

@Celluki14 Message me on Discord so I can help?

0 Reply
Celluki14 1527656733 ago

I can't fix my problem, idk why

0 Reply
Killerbee 1527635249 ago

After talking to Tirru on discord I was able to fix the problem I had. Thank you.

0 Reply
tirru Author 1527623113 ago

@dotory Really? Send me a message on Discord.

0 Reply
dotory 1527622165 ago

Animation overrider is not working

0 Reply
tirru Author 1527619054 ago

@osiris32 Polygons is not what is lagging you. The more materials an avatar has and the more dynamic bones an avatar has is what is lagging you. You are misinformed about polygons. And no, you won't get banned because the devs themselves use models over 20k.

0 Reply
osiris32 1527618114 ago

Won't haveing a 60k avatar get you banned? Also, haveing more then 19k just lags so... why use it?

0 Reply
Celluki14 1527607780 ago

Nevermind, now she is a weird green ball or something like that

0 Reply
Celluki14 1527606926 ago

Thank you !!

0 Reply
tirru Author 1527549390 ago

@Celluki14 Fixed, please re-download.

0 Reply
Celluki14 1527543526 ago

Humm : "This avatar uses Visemes but the Face Mesh is not specified". Help please, this message appear just before I upload it.

0 Reply
yungarriba 1527495414 ago

We about to see an increase in thots running around

0 Reply
Players 1527484837 ago

I really like it. Thank you.

0 Reply
tirru Author 1527479724 ago

@goth mommy ;)

0 Reply
goth mommy 1527479571 ago


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