Leviathan Axe Kratos.

Uploaded by Laezor 1527527893 ago


Kratos Weapon the Leviathan Axe, has 3 prefabs, the first one is just a normal prefab just to equip it on your hand. The other one is to throw the Axe with some particle effect. The last one is to call back the Axe.

Warning: the Axe is above 20k polygons, so you will need the modified sdk in order to use it.

p.s: forgot to say you may found a boi sound somewhere.


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Kegan 1604874602 ago

The creator is DarknessMagician

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Adam Jensen 1527732383 ago

Could anyone link me a tutorial on how to add this to my avatar with all the animations and such? It looks great by the way, can't wait to start screaming "boi!"

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Lyeco 1527666490 ago

Dude, if you just hide it then show it in an animation. It won't count.

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