Distorted Portal Particle System

Uploaded by Laezor 1527543341 ago


just a simple distorted portal particle system, you can use it however you like. it contains two prefabs one full distorted and one half-distorted with a sound effect. you can change the colors to however you like.


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jupiterorange 1531216496 ago

why is it showing pink things instead??

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crazynate9 1529518096 ago

how do I use these? what keys? is it in Emotes?

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Laezor Author 1528110297 ago

you will need the kriptofx package you can find it on vrcmods discord pin.

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purplepanic 1527734698 ago

Problem with the "RFX4_particle.shader"

"RFX4_shaderExtension.cginc" is not existing. ^^

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