Hatsune Miku Stylish Energy

Uploaded by Lulu 1527723324 ago


She have:
+ blinking animations
+ eye tracking
+ lip sync
+ dynamic bones
+ dynamic bone colliders.
+ 8 custom standing emotes
+ 8 custom sitting emotes.

She doesn't have:
- hand gestures.

How to install:
1- Be sure you have Cubed's Unity Shaders and the latest SDK.
2- Open Unity.
3- Open (Hatsune Miku Stylish Energy) file and Import.
4- In Unity go to Avatar/Hatsune Miku Stylish Energy and open the file (Open me).
5- Login on your VRChat account and Upload it.

Have fun ^^

Model made from: https://brandonluna12.deviantart.com/art/TDA-Hatsune-Miku-Stylish-Energy-DL-678636861

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Hayan 1545670787 ago

Thanks. Good to see a not lewded Miku.

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Lulu Author 1529532939 ago

@weewa Try updating it like that and see if in game is still pink, if it is still not working try making a new project and doing all 5 steps.

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weewa 1529519727 ago

Hey I dragged Cubed's Shaders into assets and then dragged the fbx onto the hierarchy window and went to body and all of the textures are CubedParadox / Flat Lit Toon but it's still all pink, any ideas on how to fix

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SafaiaNeko 1528296310 ago

ok, no problem^^

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Lulu Author 1528229437 ago

@SafaiaNeko No I can't sorry, I'm only sharing the avatars I made for my self.

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SafaiaNeko 1528124701 ago

Really cool, can you possibly make Green Bristlegrass out of Flower Knight Girl?
Please please ^w^

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Lulu Author 1527816438 ago

@Killerbee Thank you.

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Killerbee 1527812019 ago

Thank you for releasing a fantastic model. Nice to see someone who can decimate a model and keep it looking so well.

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