Bikini Rin v2 (Dynamic Bones, Lip Sync, Tracking, Gestures)

Uploaded by tirru 1527957132 ago


27k Polygons
Has Dynamic Bones, Lip Sync, Eye Tracking, Facial Expressions, and Emotes.

Dynamic Bones

Cubed Shaders (Version 0.24)

VRCSDK - Make sure you have the newest SDK! (Unity version: 2017.4.15f1 ONLY)
Under the download section of the VRChat website.

1. Make sure you download Dynamic Bones, Cubed Shaders, and the Modded VRCSDK then import them into Unity.
2. Download and import the Future Bikini Rin unity package.
3. Open the Future Bikini Rin scene located within the folder.
4. Upload and enjoy!

Shift + F2 or Fist: Angry
Shift + F4 or Finger point: Smug
Shift + F5 or Peace sign: Wink
Shift + F6 or Rock n' roll: Lewd
Shift + F7 or Handgun: Sad
Shift + F8 or Thumbs Up: Smile

NEED HELP?: - Here's my server!
Don't be afraid to use the #avatar-help channel or message me if you have any issues!

I also do commissions as well, so join the server and send me a message if you're interested!



Looking for a Zero Two model from Darling in the FRANXX? Here you go:

Do you like cute bears? Here you go:!)


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TheLeadZombie 1542056299 ago

@CutEyCopy guess what, page is still up biatch. nobody cares. everyone is gonna steal your shitty models

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CutEyCopy 1529139824 ago

Sorry, but you did not ask me for permission to import my model to export from pmx file to vr file, so I will report this page and close my download model and you are still breaking my rules, that is, do not change the texture, All parts of the body or edit without permission.

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tirru Author 1528050420 ago

@MythoclastX Fixed.

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MythoclastX 1528047392 ago

The Eye and FaceRin2019 textures are missing from this download. I've redownloaded the file several times to make sure this wasn't my own error.

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