DJ Luka {UPDATED Version}

Uploaded by xkaizen 1528020442 ago


Im too lazy to finished up this project. Feel free to reedit.

SHIFT + F2 for animation.

Original Modified Luka By StarLineBR.

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Eagle 1530910726 ago

Dumb question maybe, but how do you actually activate the music?

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cool nickname 1588310659 ago

how do you play the music??

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kiriali 1560588109 ago

Does anyone know how to make the cahracter stop glitching into the floor? Im pretty noob here. I got the music activated but she just flashes for like a minute and then goes back to normal.

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TheCosmosIsEvil 1537978492 ago

Just got to the audio source and activate it in the Dj body

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Eagle 1530910762 ago

SHIFT + F2 only activates the DJ Stuff not the actual music

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tsmalls 1529692171 ago

It will upload but adding music doesnt work?

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wazup33 1529529629 ago

If someone could help me with the audio that would be amazing i tried using the video @xkaizen linked but it didn't help.

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XeCorrupt 1528227490 ago

Hi, i downloaded your avatar and its saying its missing scripts(monoscript nore is any controller for the dj function is grayed and some of the things on the scene is disabled? is that normal

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xkaizen Author 1528220000 ago

Im afraid u'll need to setup the music by yourself. Here's a quick tips.

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Cokey 1528218316 ago

How do you make the music play? Or is there not suppose to be music

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MasterTails 1528208694 ago

Helou xkaizen i have a problem as animation work but music is the problem.Ic not playing in using SHIFT+F2 and music is playing on Luka and in avatar selectioon panel and cant be turned off using SHIFT+F5.Hau to get it in animation and not on Luka when animation is off buy SHIFT+F5

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Nekeuw 1528182370 ago

Then it's not Luka lol

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Killerbee 1528167589 ago

@Nekeuw Yes it is, just different hairstyle color and eyes.

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Killerbee 1528167533 ago

Thank you for fixing this :) works perfectly now.

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Celluki14 1528131584 ago

It's working, thanks

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Nekeuw 1528124282 ago

This is not Luka tho

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xkaizen Author 1528106457 ago

HI GUYS. I have fixed everything and it should works right now.

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Clyde 1528084592 ago

If you're getting a .dll upload error you can't upload SDKs

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hi23 1528080425 ago


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Cokey 1528064988 ago

please fix the errors, I read everyones comment when they say its fixed then I will use

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Killerbee 1528064767 ago

@Celluki14 There is base model uploaded somewhere on here but doesn't have the dj booth or effects like this one.

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Celluki14 1528064572 ago

That a good looking avatar, I was searching a "DJ" avatar like this. Pls fix this error xkaizen

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Killerbee 1528064412 ago

There is to many console errors and wont upload even with the update.

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Celluki14 1528064382 ago

It doesn't want to show the thing where you put the name and the desciption, pls help

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Celluki14 1528059714 ago

It doesn't want to upload

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