2D Bendy Cardboard cutout "wandering is a terrible sin"

Uploaded by Celluki14 1528095680 ago


My first upload yey ! This is just a creepy 2D Bendy. I wanted to do that because, well... I was bored.

What sould I do next ? Put your suggestion in the comment.

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Leoninus 1528683249 ago

Since the picture has someone else's watermark on it.........

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sabrinasansgamer 1530646677 ago

alguem tem bendy sem ser 2d ou sla tipo 3D ;-;

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Cokey 1528727588 ago

I mean when it says terrible the I literally looks like an uppercase L

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Celluki14 Author 1528130081 ago

The "i" is normal for me. I'm gonna upload Alice Angel, so, tell me if you have the same problem

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Cokey 1528120084 ago

HMMMMMMMMMMMMM could you fix the "i" on the cut out it looks like an L xD
and maybe you can do the angel

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