Dissolve Shader

Uploaded by Laezor 1528113882 ago


A simple Dissolve Shader, use it however you want. metallic value 0.5 to 1 is good if you put above its garbage. just change the Texture to another one and change the slider amount to the value you want.

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DanteInfernow 1528150444 ago

@MarioKart7z, what you are searching for is more like a particle effect combined to a different dissolve shader style, so even with the correct shader it wouldn't be enough to make it good

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Dokter-Creeper 1636900452 ago

No clue how to have this animate. You literately set it up and choose what stage the dissolve is at. Then it just stays in that state.

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COLGATEBOB 1553448420 ago

um when I use it, the object I use it on just disappears instantly instead of dissolving like the above preview, it's not supposed to be like that right??

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cancerlord1999 1552448532 ago

I wish this shader was double sided T_T

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Hayan 1546860216 ago

Mr. Stark, I don't feel so good...

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Jam 1530582197 ago

How do you apply this to make it dissolve your avatar after you walk away a certain distance from a player?

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Red134 1528390413 ago

Thanks! I needed a good dissolve shader.
Think you can make a heat distortion shader that isn't complete garbage?
Or a screen shake?

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Laezor Author 1528203005 ago

@RogueMorty I used the shader forge which is easier to make shaders.

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RogueMorty 1528179027 ago

do you code these yourself?

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Rokon2 1528158089 ago

I can't tell, but does this shader animate?

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MarioKart7z 1528136141 ago

Fuck, it's not the right type of "dissolve"
how am i supposed to make infinity war memes with this

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skimimoto corp 1528133179 ago

i can make something cool looking with this
maybe i can put it on a sans

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Cokey 1528120011 ago


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