V-Girls (Dynamic Bones, Lip Sync, Eye-Tracking, Gestures)

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Neru (the first one in the main picture) is not in the unitypackage because the file was too big, but here she is for anyone that wants her: https://bit.ly/2LWUCLr

30k-64k Polygons
Each has Dynamic Bones, Lip Sync, Eye Tracking, and Facial Expressions.

Dynamic Bones
Download: https://bit.ly/2LFsmwB

Cubed Shaders (Version 0.24)
Download: https://bit.ly/2Lh07DX

VRCSDK - Make sure you have the newest SDK! (Unity version: 2017.4.15f1 ONLY)
Under the download section of the VRChat website.

1. Make sure you download Dynamic Bones, Cubed Shaders, and the Modded VRCSDK then import them into Unity.
2. Download and import the V-Girls unity package.
3. Open the V-Girls scene file located within the folder.
4. Upload and enjoy!

Shift + F2 or Fist: Angry
Shift + F4 or Finger point: Smug
Shift + F5 or Peace sign: Wink
Shift + F6 or Rock n' roll: Lewd
Shift + F7 or Handgun: Sad
Shift + F8 or Thumbs Up: Smile

https://discordapp.com/invite/hFSNnsr - Here's my server!
Don't be afraid to use the #avatar-help channel or message me if you have any issues!

I also do commissions as well, so join the server and send me a message if you're interested!


Succubus Girls:

Ron the Cat Girl:

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KatoTeupeu 1535804303 ago

it can't uploading

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DoggoTrivago 1531450875 ago

Hi so I'm having an issue where the blush on Miku is only white, is there a way to fix this or just disable? Sorry I'm very new to unity!

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Luna Fantom 1530148786 ago

Update: Neru and Miku are both missing some face textures, they apparently don't exist in the packages.

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Luna Fantom 1530147585 ago

Basically for anyone wondering, if you don't know how to make a texture (like me) and you have the problem of Rin (short yellow haired) showing up with purple hair, download Neru's file, put it into the same unity project, then add the rest of the girls in. Also btw Neru's tongue texture is missing, haven't been able to fix that.

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nanostar 1528530351 ago

same issue I just made my own texture for it

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pinkshoo 1528523833 ago

I downloaded and loaded the requirements you mentioned ( cubed, dynamic, and modded) but the short hair (second on the main picture) shows purple hair color. Do you have any recommendation for this issue?

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nanostar 1528152855 ago

oh lol ty
sorry about that

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tirru Author 1528152808 ago

@nanostar Read the desc

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nanostar 1528152596 ago

is there a way to get the one with the braid

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