Tank (Shoots, rotates turret)

Uploaded by Red134 1528342235 ago


Requires the SDK:
SDK DL: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ux97efmg767x31n/Odds_Custom_SDK_v4.unitypackage/file

Raise gun: F7
Lower gun: F8
Fire gun: F3
Reload (sound): F2
Rotate turret left: F5
Rotate turret right: F6

Temporarily removed they break the model

It is 100% ready to upload, VRCMods just sucks at detecting the fact that there is in fact no blueprint attached so I had to mark it as model not avatar.

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Red134 Author 1549474327 ago

Thank you all for 1000!!!

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Red134 Author 1528851241 ago

This avatar is over the limit, when I mean too many polys, I mean so many that it would crash your game if you tried to use it. Anything higher than 120k is likely to do this, and some Ratte models I tried to use have over 1 million.

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COMPETIZIONE 1528665413 ago

Well i think there's another option to bypass the poly Count through the Sdk .... You just have to go Manually to Vrc sdk control panel but before you do that you need to enter Dependicies -> VRChat -> Editor -> VrSdkControlPanel .. and after you have reached the Sdk control panel .. you need to scroll all the way down and find the Part where it say's "Count Polys 20000" just Change whatever amount you wanted it to be .. and save the Current changes ... there hope it'll work for those who are willing to upload High Polys ... Good Luck on the Upcoming Models! And btw why are these Model are Disabled is there something wrong that may have affect the Model itself?

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Red134 Author 1528572916 ago

@COMPETIZIONE also I do know there is a ratte model somewhere in the World of Tanks files (still there from the april fool's event), but I'm not sure where exactly it is or if it has an absurd number of polys or not.

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Red134 Author 1528572714 ago

@music4ever the tracks themselves are possible, but the roadwheels would take a lot more than I'm willing to do, especially when people want other tanks to be made

@COMPETIZIONE good ratte models are hard to find but I'll try. So far they are either so immensely high on poly's (1 mil+) or so lowpoly that you can't even tell it's supposed to specifically be a ratte

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music4ever 1528549666 ago

tiny question
can you possibly make the tracks move or it's just to much for the SDK??

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COMPETIZIONE 1528527719 ago

That would be Fascinating if you could do such a gorgeous model from World Of Tanks ... Thumbs up for this Amazing Model Red! 10/10 Would download again ...

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COMPETIZIONE 1528527645 ago

Just another tank suggestions like the P.1000 Ratte , JgPz.E100 , E 50M , Grille15 , Leopard 1 IS-7 , IS-4 , Obj.140 , T-62A , OBj.268 , Obj.263 , Obj.261 , Fv215B(183) , FV4202 , Fv215B

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COMPETIZIONE 1528527043 ago

I think you need to manually import the Sounds given to the model's file ...

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Kyubey 1528515054 ago

nice thanks but .. i can't reload sound i just press f1 and f2 and spin to turret no sound .. and no reload sound..

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Red134 Author 1528509838 ago

I love the T95, sure thing! Same with the Defender.

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LordGeneralCraft 1528509455 ago

Cheers for the upload, though I'm curious if it'd ever be possible to see some Defender textures for a bit of extra spice?

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music4ever 1528483625 ago

man! love this avatar!!!
t95 doom turtle?

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Red134 Author 1528480335 ago

It is an Object 252U from world of tanks. Basically a pimped out IS-3.

I plan to do more common tanks in the future such as:
Tiger I and II
Panzer IV

And maybe even a M1 Abrams.

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rsmtaihou 1528476904 ago

can i ask , what's the name of the tank. like T-72 or something?

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Red134 Author 1528404234 ago

@a tryhard ghost Yes but please don't steal credit for the turret rotation mechanics.

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Red134 Author 1528404122 ago

Avatar version 1.2:
I found the pink particles in unity and fixed them.

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LuigiDV 1528402871 ago

the pink particles i found when i shoot and the smoke particles at the rear these ones are pink

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a tryhard ghost 1528402507 ago

i feel like using this for my E-75 (the one you kept calling a king tiger reee) for the turret and tracks and whatnot

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Red134 Author 1528401451 ago

@LuigiDV do the pink particles occur near the barrel or the projectile?
If I deleted a material on accident it would be helpful to know which one, thanks!

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LuigiDV 1528399484 ago

ok i tested it....animation do work for example shooting and rotating turret but the reload sound doesn't work and when it shoots it shoots pink particles :)

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LuigiDV 1528398913 ago

i'll test it now but one thing i like about this custom sdk is 45k poligons but who cares dude

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Red134 Author 1528398154 ago

I reused some animation clips from another avatar and may have missed a few unused properties when going through them. If there is any issue with the animations let me know and I'll re-test the avatar. I downloaded the updated one myself, extracted it in a blank unity project, uploaded it to my account and it appeared to work fine for me.

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LuigiDV 1528397900 ago

now there was no problem with the uncompressing but....when i go to animations tab i see 3 files in yellow...
vehicles\\russian\\r134_object_252U\\normal\\lod0\\chassis.primitives_processed~8~1/2/3/4(they are yellow) but 7/5/6 are fine......is that normal??

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Red134 Author 1528397612 ago

Attention all:
Please keep in mind that this is not a simple model in the least. If there are issues here and there I will do my best to fix them in a timely manner.

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Red134 Author 1528397330 ago

Try now, i updated it. I fixed the sounds.

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LuigiDV 1528394556 ago

it says that i have access denied when i decompress it

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LuigiDV 1528394111 ago

somethink is not right it says that it's missing some components...so the sound or the animations won't work

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Red134 Author 1528387037 ago

Today I will download and upload this as if I were one of you who are downloading it and address any issues with it.

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Red134 Author 1528386984 ago

The issue with the tracks was already known and fixed, apologies for posting the one where the issue still exists.

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Kyubey 1528385839 ago

@Red134 oh and i can't find emote and, now this Avatar Abnormal moving Tank Track

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infantry 1528385316 ago

oh jesus RED it's you!!
thanks for avatar!!

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Red134 Author 1528384579 ago

@Kyubey thanks for letting me know the sounds won't work, will do!

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Kyubey 1528370627 ago

i cant heard gun fire and reloaded sound.. can you fix it?

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Red134 Author 1528368928 ago

Also I didn't think to separate the sdk from the rest of it which will make it small enough so I don't need to use an external link so I'll re upload this later and link to just the sdk instead.

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Red134 Author 1528368705 ago

I don't think it violates the guidelines I run around the in these avatars all the time. It put this by default when I uploaded it.

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Kyubey 1528347791 ago

what happen this avatar?

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LordGeneralCraft 1528347446 ago

So, uhh ... what is it about this that apparently violates the guidelines? I really want another tank that functions under my belt, but it's got me hesitant.

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