(130K) God of Croissants - Kratos Wheezer

Uploaded by F 1528356078 ago


Working Visemes and Full-body Tracking.

130k Polygon Model

Cubed's Shaders Required - https://github.com/cubedparadox/Cubeds-Unity-Shaders

In the future I'll update the Croissant model and also fix it so you can throw the axe.

Shoutout to Cheesegames for doing the Visemes.

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Terrox 1595181306 ago

carl got hair

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F Author 1528668913 ago

It's an IRL scanned Croissant which in Unity looks great but in-game it looks like trash. I'll have to fix it later.

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MythoclastX 1528549828 ago

The axe itself is 130k polys while the Model is only 11k, That's one hell of a detailed croissant.

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