Berserker (Fate/Zero)

Uploaded by asifsaj 1516517087 ago


Berserker from Fate/Zero anime

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TrashStars 1598036607 ago


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Gyun 1538241905 ago


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lttundra 1533888670 ago

It is purple but you can change the colour of the textures to black in unity really easy.

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MrKnightKnight 1530765048 ago

so I'm confused is it actually gonna be purple or is it gonna be the color its supposed to be

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DJBUNNY420 1518856757 ago

When u say it's ready to go make sure it is and put a camera on it and bones next time

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Lockpicking 1516726707 ago

Found one, dunno if a mmd model will do.

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asifsaj Author 1516671260 ago

If you find a good model of Astolfo, please send me a link. I found a school"girl" outfit astolfo model, but it was password protected.

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Lockpicking 1516660253 ago

Love it, can you also make one of astolfo and scathach?

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Deilyto 1516575758 ago

Taste like purple! I like it!

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