(50k) VRCMods Oturan - FIXED

Uploaded by F 1529103849 ago


Junkrat inspired Oturan VRCMods model.

If you want to change the colors of the outfit you can do so easily within the package.

Cubed's Unity Shaders - https://github.com/cubedparadox/Cubeds-Unity-Shaders

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F Author 1529365860 ago

Yeah I broke the Visemes on this version. Oh well. You could add them back easily in Blender.

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kittycity 1529340982 ago

visemes not showing up in unity

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Mean And Angery 1529308789 ago

Can't find it. Been searching for a while now

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F Author 1529256230 ago

"Oturan" literally in the title.

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Mean And Angery 1529243874 ago

Original model name?

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BronxBomber 1529176750 ago

Avatar legs are under ground. the avatar is clipping through the floor, please fix

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AbelHybrid 1529119223 ago

Can you upload dante from Devil May Cry please?

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