Yuno Gasai (updated with a surprise).

Uploaded by Dragonrider 1529753915 ago


Yuno Gasai ( Lipsync,dynamics, eyetracking, blinking, emotes ) Inc special bonus

Have fun! :D

Also, I have a surprise gesture on the rock n roll control. :)

USE the unity project named YUNO, located in Yuno map.
So DO NOT use backup unity project.

Do you want to feel unique? With your own, avatar nobody has, but you?
Message me in discord: Dragonriders #3204, and let's make your fantasy become reality!
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MelonTheMelon 1664048605 ago

that knife do be looking kinda the wonky

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DG693 1569133623 ago

The knife or phone doesnt work. please help

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Kaigi 1533947637 ago

It said "nothing to import" when trying to import the avatar

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Dragonrider Author 1530183711 ago

For some weird reason. ( prob bc its vrcmod )
The knife cannot be uploaded, because Vrcmods blocked it.

So, I put a google drive link on my discord channel in the avatar showdown.

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RubyRose23 1529949072 ago

The knife doesn't show up when I use the emote

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Dragonrider Author 1529864452 ago

USE the YUNO unity project, located in YUNO FILE.
So DO NOT use backup unity project.

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Dragonrider Author 1529864061 ago

What is broken about it?

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Cokey 1529856622 ago

soo is it just the normal model if you dont use vr?

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Killerbee 1529798312 ago

Still broken

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Dragonrider Author 1529770127 ago

Its a updated version

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Squidman 1529758595 ago

"(updated with a surprise)."

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Wallow 1529756696 ago

Didn't you already post this... like over 2 months back?

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