Clout Goggles (Pose-able!)

Uploaded by medicin3seller 1529864950 ago


My first VRCMods upload. The glasses can fold and open, just make sure you select the bone in the hierarchy and change the rotation mode to "Pivot", and "Local". Change the materials and shaders however you please. If you're a beginner and want to just put it on your head, I suggest leaving it out of the hierarchy, posing and sizing it exactly how you want to look, then drag it under the head hierarchy. If you're using dynamic bones, make sure you put them under "Exclusions". I sculpted this all on my own, please enjoy!

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ArmoredMicrobe2 1530111701 ago

oof this helps alot oof

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Solavaire 1529964235 ago

a2 + b2 = c2

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medicin3seller Author 1529957222 ago


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Chanty 1529954974 ago

This is cool. B)

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