Boned Pizza

Uploaded by Sal 1516592449 ago


you got boneless?

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TrashStars 1598036338 ago


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CamelCase 1518356646 ago

"Boned Pizza" means it is a rigged Pizza. You have a skeleton that is needed to able to move your arms, for example, in VR.
It's a pepperoni pizza.

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NotK9 1518060974 ago

nice upload, but im new to unity and avatars. Am i supposed to set something in unity to show the bones? because all i see is the pizza without the bones

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CamelCase 1516665228 ago

sick upload my dude, had a great time using this avatar!

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Oliver 1516592895 ago


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seabug 1516592717 ago

hello can i please have some boneless chicken pizza

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