*New* Fortnite .anim Pack! (Updating every update)

Uploaded by MeritaabeWildin 1530681789 ago


Here is a fortnite animation pack i spent an hour making, it has most of the fortnite dances, and some are really messed up. But most are here and look perfect!

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beagle123 1611622084 ago

did they add the paws & claws?

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planetpatrick 1601151625 ago

audio please

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OBEYPony 1565878340 ago

add floss dance please

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Reavo 1560719775 ago

I'm only here for the Billy Bounce c;

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BuddyJason 1540629990 ago

wheres the llama bell

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Potato25 1539968248 ago

elctro swing please

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PoppyGay 1535576120 ago

do you maybe have the pumbernickle?

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Mojion 1535550912 ago

Update wen? :D

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rileybonniethebunny 1532544420 ago

Could you maybe add The Robot If you have time to add it?

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Korika 1532176471 ago

you've got famouse I see!

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harrym12 1531858904 ago

your missing a few emotes

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meat 1531335880 ago

Is the regular dab emote in this? I can't seem to find it, and it's a ~necessity~ lol

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KennyDesu 1531297617 ago

It would be nice to add the Electro Shuffle

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MarioKart7z 1531209516 ago

Could you extend the dab emote to loop 2 or 3 times? I don't wanna enable the actual loop option cos it makes it loop forever and there's no way to break out of it

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F 1530893289 ago

There's literally an upload by Clyde with all of the working animations.

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HaveFun 1530798240 ago


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Alex102RU 1530718687 ago

very nise =))))

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rons0n 1530681988 ago


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