Kamehameha Particles (with Sound)

Uploaded by DarknessAurelius 1530730282 ago


Is a Kamehameha i made in Unity.Just attach it to one of your Hands and make a trigger animation.I Hope you Like it.

Ps : Tell me if i F*cked something up,i don't upload stuff at all so i maybe made a mistake.

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RaZe Green 1542174525 ago

There is a Fck up to Rotate to use it

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Eagle 1537737126 ago

So, put it on the wrist, make a dupe for the animation, make the animation, put it on one of the hand-gestures in the animation override and that's it right

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freedomgundum101 1534801782 ago

Dude, broly animations. Powerup, his attacks, plez!!

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Lyrog 1533694374 ago

i would appreciate a short step by step instruction on how to attach this to my avatar and trigger this effect with a gesture. Discord: Lyrog#5132

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sungminz 1533505047 ago

anyone have a step by step, "explain like im 5 year old" instructions?

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TommyMG96 1531319234 ago

Can someone make a video tutorial on how to install it? I'm too Unity illiterate.

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Lemonbread 1530835894 ago

DarknessAurelius, how can I add this onto my right hand and assign it to something like... "Hand Open, or Handgun" Or something? Add me on discord Lemönbread#4184 xx

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FlareFlicker 1530828805 ago

cannot for the life of me figure out how to add this to an avatar. are there any videos are tutorials on how to add this?

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DarknessAurelius Author 1530818139 ago

Ok I tested this on a new Unity Project and it works now Shaders and Textures where Missing...."WHOOPS"

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DarknessAurelius Author 1530815925 ago

Ok am working to Fix it i saw what you guys meant.

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jesusbleach 1530792450 ago

GOOD JOB i tested it ALL is working perfect. maybe we have to attach the textures or the particle additive shader, but when that is done the wave is pretty good. for lightweight characters is nice.

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Decoynz 1530743526 ago

or shaders?

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Decoynz 1530743360 ago

where are the textures for it?

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Thatstonereddie 1530740583 ago

All you have to do is find the left or right wrist under armature & drag/drop it on to it.

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