Jack the Ripper (Fate series)

Uploaded by asifsaj 1516674911 ago


Jack the Ripper from the Fate anime series

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okamisora 1517272492 ago

I'm having some issues with this avatar ingame, my avatar height doesnt adjust with the model, making the arms always up high. Any tips?

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ebolaman 1516899908 ago

I hope somebody will create Astolfo too, i found him on server but i want a model too

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Nubbins 1516877450 ago

The textures and face need some work

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Atomic Storm 1516844579 ago

Some things like hip seam and face (i think) need to be fixed but seems nice!

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asifsaj Author 1516809891 ago

If you use the unity scene that I made, the eyes shouldn't be black.

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