100 Best Effects Pack v2.1

Uploaded by BluAxel 1531443267 ago


Bunch of particle prefabs. Some prefabs have scripts on them but they don't matter just remove them.

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Kradrick 1532028899 ago

i figured out how to add them to the avatar, just drag the prefab you want onto the body or the armature or wherever you feel like it if you know what your doing, i got it on the avatar and the only issue i had after was figuring out how to create a gesture to turn it on and off, im still lost on that kinda thing. im currently in the process of watching a few more videos and i know how to create the gesture for the custom emote but i have no idea how to make the particle work with said gesture, and i cannot for the life of me find anything on how to do this.

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Yurukki 1536044177 ago

To add Prefabs the easiest thing to do would be to find the section of the armature you would like to add the effect to (e.g your hand) . in this case you would go to your armature in unity and find your bone for your hand (most commonly named wrist) right click on it and select "Create Empty" this will create a "Game Object" Doing this will make it easier to turn on for custom animations as you can also add Audio and additional particles to the same game object, so rather than turning on everything individually you can have it all active at the same time.
if you still have issues msg me on Discord Yurukki#2730 and i'll send you a mp4 or walk you through in a call

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gmanvr 1635874057 ago


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umbrella 1591741870 ago

this gives me errors in the scripts

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master fuzzyMJ 1558088715 ago


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master fuzzyMJ 1558088655 ago


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Ho0ty 1555174782 ago

Guys. this is epic.

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BluAxel Author 1533305050 ago

I have bought it and it was my choice to share it to the public. I don't wanna hear that "this is illegal" and other bullshit.

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Madrus 1532642362 ago

You know that it is illegal ? It's a package from the unity store who cost money, and you make it free on vrcmod :/ it's like selling stealed things

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medicin3seller 1531840483 ago

this is amazing

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BluAxel Author 1531781259 ago

In your assets, go to 100 Best Effect Pack> Effects> whatever effect you want and then drag one of the prefabs into the scene. Then, remove the script by going to the right and pressing the gear on the component, which is your script, and then press remove component.

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Juze16 1531769151 ago

Sweet, thanks!

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NamelessRen 1531754077 ago

a tutorial would be helpful

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NamelessRen 1531753872 ago

i have no idea how to add these effects :)

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Kradrick 1531630460 ago

is there a tutorial somewhere on how to add these prefabs. any help would be appreciated.

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80sRetro 1531449842 ago

Thanks my guy

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