Basic Bitch

Uploaded by loseztj 1531510620 ago


Hay remember those basic bitches at school who shop at Hot Topic and Zumiez...Welp now you can be one

P.s. Make the model Avatar Default Animation set "Female" or your going have scuff legs.

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RevampedNinja 1545548169 ago

Thicker than the fat teacher at my school c;

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MrQuyu72 1532429355 ago

yO whY mY sHADeR pINK?

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bork 1531686871 ago

LMAOOO tf u doin

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DoggoTrivago 1531628293 ago

The shaders doesn't work

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Squidman 1531561726 ago

lol fooly cooly smh dirty weeb

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lucadosnia 1531545193 ago

Good morning,

The.unity file is missing, to put it in vrchat

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minko 1531513397 ago

wow... LOL

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Hitoro 1531513287 ago


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