Cancer Fullbody Thot

Uploaded by QuotientHeartQuotient 1531525895 ago


Fullbody Thot for all your thotting needs (also comes with facial animations I made for her which are located in the “gangbitch” override). Delete the broken dynamic bone and Avatar Descriptor scripts and replace them, also the body will show up as pink/hidden because I removed the Cubed Paradox Shaders from it, add your own cubed shaders then... BOOM! INSTA-THOT ACTION! Enjoy.

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polemik victor 1587567511 ago

le sdk ?

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slengswang 1560122781 ago


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Accyde 1548617577 ago

There is no unity file but if you drag a prefab into the scene and put everything that needs to be put on on it. It works

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Kitkat 1541010558 ago

where is the unity file

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CarnoDragonTheDinosaurLover 1533320424 ago

begone thotg

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Remori 1533040726 ago

How do you get the poly count under 20,000? Its showing 55,645 for me

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QuotientHeartQuotient Author 1532395647 ago

don't say the "d" word. not nice buddy.

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Aranohr 1532383155 ago

Is this even damned allowed on VRChat

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TheCronch 1532275101 ago

It says there's too much polygons

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QuotientHeartQuotient Author 1531547539 ago

This model is uploaded as the model by itself.
If you add your own VRCSDK, Dynamic Bones, Cubed Paradox Shaders, etc.. everything should work perfectly.

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lucadosnia 1531545217 ago

Good morning,

The.unity file is missing, to put it in vrchat

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Cokey 1531529056 ago


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