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Steven Universe - The Peridots Screenshot Steven Universe - The Peridots Screenshot Steven Universe - The Peridots Screenshot Steven Universe - The Peridots Screenshot

634 Total Downloads

15.7K Total Views

Asset Type VRChat Avatars

File Type Unity Package


You can now play as the great Peridot, in VRChat!

~Includes two scene files - One with her limb enhancers, and one without them (basically, her small self.)~
~Update - Each model's feet used to clip through the floor before, that's now been fixed. Small Peridot's polygons are now 15k , while limb enhanced Peridot is 19k.~

*Credit to Rebecca Sugar for creating the character, and Pikadude31451 for making the models.*
*Load the scene file located in the avatar's folder in Unity.*

The Cubed Shaders package will be required for this.

Assets (97 files inside Unity Package)

/Assets/Steven Universe_ The Peridots/Tall Peridot/Tall Perrry.unity
/Assets/Steven Universe_ The Peridots/Tall Peridot/Tall Peridot.fbx
/Assets/Steven Universe_ The Peridots/Tall Peridot/Materials/EX_White.mat
/Assets/Steven Universe_ The Peridots/Tall Peridot/Materials/express2014.mat
/Assets/Steven Universe_ The Peridots/Tall Peridot/Materials/EX_Black.mat
/Assets/Steven Universe_ The Peridots/Tall Peridot/Materials/b3.mat
/Assets/Steven Universe_ The Peridots/Tall Peridot/Materials/EX_Yellow.mat
/Assets/Steven Universe_ The Peridots/Tall Peridot/Materials/pertect.mat
/Assets/Steven Universe_ The Peridots/Tall Peridot/Materials/b2.mat
/Assets/Steven Universe_ The Peridots/Tall Peridot/Materials/sig.mat
/Assets/Steven Universe_ The Peridots/Tall Peridot/Animation/Ymca Dance.anim
/Assets/Steven Universe_ The Peridots/Tall Peridot/Animation/Tall Peridot (1) 1.controller
/Assets/Steven Universe_ The Peridots/Tall Peridot/Animation/Tall Peridot (1).controller
/Assets/Steven Universe_ The Peridots/Tall Peridot/Animation/Laughing.anim
/Assets/Steven Universe_ The Peridots/Tall Peridot/Animation/CustomOverrideEmpty 1.overrideController
/Assets/Steven Universe_ The Peridots/Tall Peridot/Animation/The Can Can.anim
/Assets/Steven Universe_ The Peridots/Tall Peridot/Animation/Defeated.anim
/Assets/Steven Universe_ The Peridots/Tall Peridot/Animation/Victory!.anim
/Assets/Steven Universe_ The Peridots/Tall Peridot/Animation/Dying.anim
/Assets/Steven Universe_ The Peridots/Tall Peridot/Animation/Samba Dancing.anim
/Assets/Steven Universe_ The Peridots/Tall Peridot/Animation/Belly Dancing.anim
/Assets/Steven Universe_ The Peridots/Tall Peridot/Animation/Blinking.anim
/Assets/Steven Universe_ The Peridots/Tall Peridot/New Mesh/Visor.026(Clone)_Quality_68.asset
/Assets/Steven Universe_ The Peridots/Tall Peridot/New Mesh/Visor.027(Clone)_Quality_68.asset
/Assets/Steven Universe_ The Peridots/Tall Peridot/New Mesh/Despair(Clone)_Quality_62.asset
/Assets/Steven Universe_ The Peridots/Tall Peridot/New Mesh/Visor.013(Clone)_Quality_38.asset
/Assets/Steven Universe_ The Peridots/Tall Peridot/New Mesh/Visor.023(Clone)_Quality_68.asset
/Assets/Steven Universe_ The Peridots/Tall Peridot/New Mesh/Visor.016(Clone)_Quality_36.asset
/Assets/Steven Universe_ The Peridots/Tall Peridot/New Mesh/Visor.025(Clone)_Quality_68.asset
/Assets/Steven Universe_ The Peridots/Tall Peridot/New Mesh/Visor.022(Clone)_Quality_68.asset
/Assets/Steven Universe_ The Peridots/Tall Peridot/New Mesh/Visor.002(Clone)_Quality_57.asset
/Assets/Steven Universe_ The Peridots/Tall Peridot/New Mesh/Visor.003(Clone)_Quality_72.asset
/Assets/Steven Universe_ The Peridots/Tall Peridot/New Mesh/Visor.015(Clone)_Quality_75.asset
/Assets/Steven Universe_ The Peridots/Tall Peridot/New Mesh/Visor.017(Clone)_Quality_36.asset
/Assets/Steven Universe_ The Peridots/Tall Peridot/New Mesh/Visor.008(Clone)_Quality_69.asset
/Assets/Steven Universe_ The Peridots/Tall Peridot/New Mesh/Visor.024(Clone)_Quality_68.asset
/Assets/Steven Universe_ The Peridots/Tall Peridot/New Mesh/Visor.001(Clone)_Quality_55.asset
/Assets/Steven Universe_ The Peridots/Tall Peridot/New Mesh/Visor.006(Clone)_Quality_55.asset
/Assets/Steven Universe_ The Peridots/Tall Peridot/New Mesh/Visor.018(Clone)_Quality_68.asset
/Assets/Steven Universe_ The Peridots/Tall Peridot/New Mesh/Pallet(Clone)_Quality_57.asset
/Assets/Steven Universe_ The Peridots/Tall Peridot/New Mesh/Visor.005(Clone)_Quality_47.asset
/Assets/Steven Universe_ The Peridots/Tall Peridot/New Mesh/Visor.007(Clone)_Quality_55.asset
/Assets/Steven Universe_ The Peridots/Tall Peridot/New Mesh/Visor.004(Clone)_Quality_73.4.asset
/Assets/Steven Universe_ The Peridots/Tall Peridot/New Mesh/Visor.019(Clone)_Quality_68.asset
/Assets/Steven Universe_ The Peridots/Tall Peridot/New Mesh/Visor.012(Clone)_Quality_38.asset
/Assets/Steven Universe_ The Peridots/Tall Peridot/New Mesh/Visor.021(Clone)_Quality_68.asset
/Assets/Steven Universe_ The Peridots/Tall Peridot/New Mesh/Visor.020(Clone)_Quality_68.asset
/Assets/Steven Universe_ The Peridots/Small Peridot/Small Peridot.fbx
/Assets/Steven Universe_ The Peridots/Small Peridot/Smol Perry.unity
/Assets/Steven Universe_ The Peridots/Small Peridot/T/tr02.png
/Assets/Steven Universe_ The Peridots/Small Peridot/T/express2014.png
/Assets/Steven Universe_ The Peridots/Small Peridot/T/rone5.png
/Assets/Steven Universe_ The Peridots/Small Peridot/T/b3.png
/Assets/Steven Universe_ The Peridots/Small Peridot/T/ps4.png
/Assets/Steven Universe_ The Peridots/Small Peridot/T/tr03.png
/Assets/Steven Universe_ The Peridots/Small Peridot/T/pertect.png
/Assets/Steven Universe_ The Peridots/Small Peridot/T/tmt01.bmp
/Assets/Steven Universe_ The Peridots/Small Peridot/T/ps1.png
/Assets/Steven Universe_ The Peridots/Small Peridot/T/ps11.png
/Assets/Steven Universe_ The Peridots/Small Peridot/T/tr04.bmp
/Assets/Steven Universe_ The Peridots/Small Peridot/T/b2.png
/Assets/Steven Universe_ The Peridots/Small Peridot/T/mspa.png
/Assets/Steven Universe_ The Peridots/Small Peridot/T/sig.png
/Assets/Steven Universe_ The Peridots/Small Peridot/T/rone1.png
/Assets/Steven Universe_ The Peridots/Small Peridot/T/ps9.png
/Assets/Steven Universe_ The Peridots/Small Peridot/T/ps5.png
/Assets/Steven Universe_ The Peridots/Small Peridot/T/ps2.png
/Assets/Steven Universe_ The Peridots/Small Peridot/Materials/EX_White.mat
/Assets/Steven Universe_ The Peridots/Small Peridot/Materials/express2014.mat
/Assets/Steven Universe_ The Peridots/Small Peridot/Materials/EX_Black.mat
/Assets/Steven Universe_ The Peridots/Small Peridot/Materials/b3.mat
/Assets/Steven Universe_ The Peridots/Small Peridot/Materials/EX_Yellow.mat
/Assets/Steven Universe_ The Peridots/Small Peridot/Materials/pertect.mat
/Assets/Steven Universe_ The Peridots/Small Peridot/Materials/b2.mat
/Assets/Steven Universe_ The Peridots/Small Peridot/Materials/sig.mat
/Assets/Steven Universe_ The Peridots/Small Peridot/Animation/Death.anim
/Assets/Steven Universe_ The Peridots/Small Peridot/Animation/Bboy Hip Hop Move.anim
/Assets/Steven Universe_ The Peridots/Small Peridot/Animation/Angry.anim
/Assets/Steven Universe_ The Peridots/Small Peridot/Animation/CustomOverrideEmpty 1.overrideController
/Assets/Steven Universe_ The Peridots/Small Peridot/Animation/Jazz Dance.anim
/Assets/Steven Universe_ The Peridots/Small Peridot/Animation/Rejected.anim
/Assets/Steven Universe_ The Peridots/Small Peridot/Animation/Salsa Dancing.anim
/Assets/Steven Universe_ The Peridots/Small Peridot/Animation/Victory Idle.anim
/Assets/Steven Universe_ The Peridots/Small Peridot/Animation/Small Peridot (1).controller
/Assets/Steven Universe_ The Peridots/Small Peridot/Animation/Chicken Dance.anim
/Assets/Steven Universe_ The Peridots/Small Peridot/Animation/Blinking.anim
/Assets/Steven Universe_ The Peridots/Small Peridot/New Mesh/Visor.002(Clone)_Quality_68.asset
/Assets/Steven Universe_ The Peridots/Small Peridot/New Mesh/Visor.006(Clone)_Quality_47.asset
/Assets/Steven Universe_ The Peridots/Small Peridot/New Mesh/Visor.007(Clone)_Quality_47.asset
/Assets/Steven Universe_ The Peridots/Small Peridot/New Mesh/Visor.004(Clone)_Quality_79.asset
/Assets/Steven Universe_ The Peridots/Small Peridot/New Mesh/Visor.003(Clone)_Quality_67.asset
/Assets/Steven Universe_ The Peridots/Small Peridot/New Mesh/Despair(Clone)_Quality_67.asset
/Assets/Steven Universe_ The Peridots/Small Peridot/New Mesh/Pallet(Clone)_Quality_50.asset
/Assets/Steven Universe_ The Peridots/Small Peridot/New Mesh/Visor.001(Clone)_Quality_65.asset
/Assets/Steven Universe_ The Peridots/Small Peridot/New Mesh/Visor.008(Clone)_Quality_77.asset
/Assets/Steven Universe_ The Peridots/Small Peridot/New Mesh/Visor.011(Clone)_Quality_67.asset
/Assets/Steven Universe_ The Peridots/Small Peridot/New Mesh/Visor.005(Clone)_Quality_58.asset

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PinkNoodle 1586493103 ago

Hey, could you make a Spinel avatar after Pearl and steven? I can't find one, and i'd be thankful if you did it!

AyyyRay78 Author 1536124963 ago

It's been updated now

AyyyRay78 Author 1536003372 ago

I'll be updating this by the end of the day, and yes I'll definitely work on Pearl and Steven next. Don't you worry :)

sloan lazuli 1536000687 ago

cant wait till you add pearl

Little Nora 1531851135 ago

Smol Perry is the best~

AyyyRay78 Author 1531842525 ago

Alright then, go right ahead! Send me the link here once you're done, and I'll let you know when I receive the Unity package so that you can remove the comment. I'll definitely give you credit for adding features on these avatars. No doubt about it

TrixxedHeart 1531835946 ago

I'll send you a link via MEGA for the unity package, I wanted to add some adjustments to the textures and some animations for gestures!

AyyyRay78 Author 1531806058 ago

And where will I get the file that you'd like to share with me?

AyyyRay78 Author 1531804311 ago

Sure, but what are these features you speak of?

TrixxedHeart 1531802425 ago

Could I possibly make a version of these Avatars with more features? If you'd prefer I could send you the file when I'm done so you can upload it yourself.

Kleeh1954 1531799990 ago



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