Steven Universe - The Peridots

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You can now play as the great Peridot, in VRChat!

~Includes two scene files - One with her limb enhancers, and one without them (basically, her small self.)~
~Update - Each model's feet used to clip through the floor before, that's now been fixed. Small Peridot's polygons are now 15k , while limb enhanced Peridot is 19k.~

*Credit to Rebecca Sugar for creating the character, and Pikadude31451 for making the models.*
*Load the scene file located in the avatar's folder in Unity.*

The Cubed Shaders package will be required for this.

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PinkNoodle 1586493103 ago

Hey, could you make a Spinel avatar after Pearl and steven? I can't find one, and i'd be thankful if you did it!

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AyyyRay78 Author 1536124963 ago

It's been updated now

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AyyyRay78 Author 1536003372 ago

I'll be updating this by the end of the day, and yes I'll definitely work on Pearl and Steven next. Don't you worry :)

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sloan lazuli 1536000687 ago

cant wait till you add pearl

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Little Nora 1531851135 ago

Smol Perry is the best~

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AyyyRay78 Author 1531842525 ago

Alright then, go right ahead! Send me the link here once you're done, and I'll let you know when I receive the Unity package so that you can remove the comment. I'll definitely give you credit for adding features on these avatars. No doubt about it

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TrixxedHeart 1531835946 ago

I'll send you a link via MEGA for the unity package, I wanted to add some adjustments to the textures and some animations for gestures!

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AyyyRay78 Author 1531806058 ago

And where will I get the file that you'd like to share with me?

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AyyyRay78 Author 1531804311 ago

Sure, but what are these features you speak of?

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TrixxedHeart 1531802425 ago

Could I possibly make a version of these Avatars with more features?
If you'd prefer I could send you the file when I'm done so you can upload it yourself.

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Kleeh1954 1531799990 ago


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