All Might (11K Polygons, Dynamics, Visemes, Animations)

Uploaded by Eagle 1531853674 ago


Original model by peixoto21 (

**UPDATE** Added some dynamic bones, animations/dances and basic visemes **UPDATE**

Same model as this avatar
This version is just regular All Might from the anime/manga

Uses Cubed-Unity-Shaders, get it here:
If you're not sure how to use shaders/want to try different:

Be sure to import shaders before the model!

Any problems? leave a comment or contact me on discord @ Eagle#4191

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TommyMG96 1535490746 ago

Yeah thanks, would be pretty sweet if you could upload it.

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Eagle Author 1535429142 ago

@TommyMG96 There is one in My hero Academia avatar world, but I'll try to upload it myself tomorrow

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TommyMG96 1535405704 ago

His normal skinny emaciated form

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Eagle Author 1535235927 ago

@TommyMG96 Small Might? you mean Deku or a younger All Might lol?

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TommyMG96 1535057372 ago

Is there a Small Might model?

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Eagle Author 1532106459 ago

Mo daijoubu! Naze tte? Watashi ga kita!

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Little Nora 1531943864 ago


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