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Credit by:

Edited by: KVLI3N

Comes With:
-Blue Hair
-New Tattoos
-Revenge Shirt w/ Custom Pants
-Fortnite Emotes

*I put Extra Emotes In the package, so ill save you time

Enjoy and RIP X

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Aerovation 1534973730 ago

PSA: im gonna be making a better XXXTENTACION model soon ;)

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serketbored 1533402953 ago

Beanboy, I'm glad you cleared that up. Also, you can say dickhole, your mom can't hear you from here.

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Beanboy 1532972188 ago

alot isn't a word you ignorant penis hole

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Sanrio 1532957742 ago

Alot of ignorant cunts talking negative about the guy. Sure, he had a messed up past but he still turned his life around. His ex came out to say she was lying, with several proof showing that she was before she did. Dude did alot for people after being released from prison. Did alot of charity, helped alot of people emotionally, took care of his family etc. When he died he had a charity event on the weekend. Shows how much everyone would throw him under the bus cause of his past which half wasn't even true.

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Enframed 1532871412 ago

Ah, so every single case against him from different people are all just fake? Sure.
He didn't deal drugs but he was an addict.
He's not a good person, not near it

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SmolCuteLuka 1532824095 ago

so you guys like talking shit but never even knew whats really going on, First the girlfriend lied about being abused she came out on Instagram, Second he never even sold drugs so where ever you heard that from take that shit up your ass, Last look into your shit before talking it

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Enframed 1532761239 ago

How does making music (something thousands do), lessen what he's done? Hitler drew paintings that look good, but he still killed millions. (not saying it's on the same scale as hitler lol, but that he shouldn't be remembered as a god)

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Beanboy 1532669189 ago

i agree bobilly

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bobilly89 1532630350 ago

hope he is burning in hell

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cyb3r 1532541185 ago

Who cares if he was a drug dealer, he made good music and we will miss him for it. The only person i will ever want dead is hitler

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Beanboy 1532492289 ago

oh yeah, x was the BEST person ever, he did drugs and made death threats in his songs, SUCH a good person

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Cokey 1532478560 ago

Really you people sit here and hate and joke about x? He was turning into a great person. Nobody wants to here your salty comments about him. Go talk shit about a wonderful person somewhere else

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Beanboy 1532461947 ago

yes, x was a no good drug slinger

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serketbored 1532457848 ago

Beanboy did you just compare x to Hitler

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Beanboy 1532445059 ago

Hitler's dead but we don't respect him

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Gaylio 1532444545 ago

I love how people can disrespect a dead man smh

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harrym12 1532442720 ago

RIP X :(

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Enframed 1532389713 ago

Finally, now I can beat women in VR!

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Beanboy 1532373002 ago

x had shitty music

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raz1233 1532342052 ago

noicee XD

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Squidman 1532337236 ago

Hey at least his memes are dead too lmao

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Cokey 1532330261 ago


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